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    Here in the TC forum, people stated how simple they can tweak their interface and after much experimentation, I got it where it looked like my LX interface. There is no clear cut way for it to look like LX. I just removed all the unnecessary stuff and moved some elements around. I will try to get a screen grab of my current interface so you can see what I am talking about...but in the meantime, here are the themes I was using in LX and what I am using now.


    Former LX
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgott
    I had LauncherX on my T600 and it worked perfectly with the center key. I wonder why it no longer works. I know about the enter key and pressing a letter to get focus on the icons, but its not nearly as slick as it once was.

    I tried ZLauncher and I just don't like the UI. I love the LX UI. Its simple, but tells me everything I need to know in a very easy to read manner.

    Any suggestions/thoughts........
    I just posted a patch to Launcher X which makes the center button functional on a Treo 650.
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