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    is it me? the device?!

    any lucks out there using graffiti anywhere on the 650?

    doesnt seem to recognice anything over here ...
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    Why? After getting used to the keyboard, graffiti is the last thing I'm intersted in?
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    not when you have to write long texts.
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    I've had luck with TealScript.
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    Out of curiosity only, when has writing by hand ever been as fast or faster than typing? I have a tablet pc and love the thing - the handwriting recognition is spot on. There are many nights when I will lie on the couch and draft e-mails with the stylus. It's acceptable, but nowhere near as fast as using a keyboard. I'm not trying to bash , I'm just trying to get a clear picture of why anyone would really care about Grafitti if they had a keyboard. I feel like I was about as fast as they come with Grafitti back in the Palm III days (too much practice) but it's a rare day if I ever touck the stylus anymore (with the exception of using it to reset the device).
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    I'm pretty fast with Grafitti, but you are right, in a head to head competition a thumb keyboard might win. Its not just about speed. Its about what is most comfortable for you, and what is most convenient. If you have been using Grafitti for 8 years, then maybe going to a keyboard is not your first choice, especially if Grafitti is still available. Also, when you have the Treo on one hand and the stylus on the other, you have to change posture to grab the Treo with both hands so you can thumb type faster. If all I want to do is enter a password or a work, and I already have the stylus in my hand and in contact with the screen, a couple of strokes does the trick for me.

    Palm devices were built on Grafitti, and there are thousands of users with years of experience with that input method.

    Variety is the spice of life....

    P.S. Oohh oohh, and I forgot - all the wonderful shortcuts you can make with the command stroke....
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    Quote Originally Posted by creighton
    Out of curiosity only, when has writing by hand ever been as fast or faster than typing?
    With a full-sized keyboard and an experienced typist, you're right - typing will always win. With a keyboard that's smaller than the palm of your hand, like the one on the Treo, an experienced "Graffiti-ist" can probably write faster. Depends on the individual and the equipment.
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    I have been using TealScript for the last week with very good results. I have used Graffitti anywhere in the past, but Tealscript works even better. I like the fact that TealScript recognized single stroke characters because I am still using Grafitti1.

    I had to set up the preference in TealScript so that it would be off in applications that are button driven like the Phone app.
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    Graffitti is more manly
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    Quote Originally Posted by 12SMILE
    Graffitti is more manly

    Even though I doubt if I would ever use Grafitti or its equivalent anymore on a handheald device with a thumb board, I do agree that since the Palm OS includes the Grafitti database already, it is ridiculous for P1 not to take the extra step and allow it as a native input method on the Treo's.
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    I like graffiti, looks more professional!

    The thumbboard action too closely resembles Gameboy activity. I will concede that thumbs are up and coming now that everybody has a crackberry. But prior to those things becoming so popular business associates looked at me like I was a truant teenager in the back of detention class everytime would pull out my Treo300 and start with the thumb action.

    Admittedly, the Treo 650 makes thumbboard use so much easier that I find myself using the thumbboard more and more, but I will NOT abandon my ever faithful Graffiti Anywhere just yet.

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    I am using Graffiti Anywhere on my Treo 650 and it's great! No problems at all.

    I only have one suggestion that I have passed on to the developer, and that is to allow a stroke to remain visible (if you have that option set) if it is the first stroke of a two-stroke letter, making it much easier to do the two-stroke characters in Graffiti 2.

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