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    I wanted to know if anyone has used pocket quicken from landware. I would like to get my business running on quickbooks and I do not know if pocket quicken works with only quicken or quickbooks both.

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    I use it, and like it for what it is: a fast convenient Quicken entry tool. It is by no means Quicken-on-the-Visor, but it sure beats sitting down each day and typing in the day's transactions.

    It does NOT work with QuickBooks, Quicken only.

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    I've been using QMate, and it works great. It saves it to my computer as a .qif file, and keeps updating that file until I import it into Quicken and delete. This allows both my wife and I to enter data on our separate PDAs. Since it saves it as a .qif file, you also might be able to use it with QuickBooks?

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