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    My 650 doesnt want to beam or recieve a beam. Does the IR port have a lock unlock mode? If so where can I go to unlock it??

    Paul Hargraves
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    Under Prefs....Power.....Beam Receive

    Mine is set to On by default. If you have a case, it may partially block the IR port. Try it "naked."

    Hope this helps.

    Paul Holloway
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    Some have had defective IR ports I believe. Try a search if you don't get another post with better info.
    Mike G

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    Also another possibility is that you may need to soft reset. This is a known bug in the PalmOS since like version 3.x I myself have witnessed it on almost every Palm I have owned since my Palm III.

    All you do is soft reset, make sure it is turned on in the prefs as described above and you are good to go. Unsure why Palm has been unable to fix this for so long when it has been known, but it may be the same reason we have not seen a ROM update for the Treo 650, who knows...

    Do a search on almost any Palm site and you will find info backing my claim. At least the work around is simple and painless.
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    Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it
    Paul Hargraves
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    Hmmm this thread suggests that you may have experienced a soft reset of the phone while the up arrow on the 5-way was pressed. This would perform a system reset on the phone leaving some functions like Beaming turned off. A system/warm reset leaves your phone in a safe-boot-like state where lots of things dont work as normal. A soft reset gets you out of it.
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    I beamed an app from my 600 to my 650 yesterday, by default the 650 is not set to receive beamed files. The only way I could find to turn receive on was to first send a file to my 600. Once I did that it then asked me if I wanted to turn receive on, which I did. Once I turned it on, I was able to beam files from my 600.

    Somewhere there has to be a preferences screen to control the I/R port, but after all my searching I couldn't find it.

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