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    Ok...just got my replacement treo 600 today....had a treo I"m sititng here trying to HOTSYNC the old treo 300 phone numbers, data on the new palm desktop on my pc using a USB cord...and I get the same friggin message..."The connection between your handheld and the desktop could not be established....blah blah blah....."

    can anybody help me?

    YES I have hotsync manager up and running.....
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    Did you reinstall the Palm Desktop with the s/w that came with the Treo 600 first? See this thread:
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    yeah....I created that thread...still no luck......everything's been installed
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    OK, you might want to try PalmOne's HotSync troubleshooting steps then:,CASE=2630
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    I can't take this......

    I had a treo 300 with the old palm I have the new palm desktop for the 600...and I still can't SYNC! arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.....been 2 hours trying to hotsync now...I've installed, uninstalled, tried it with/withouth the hotsync manager active on the toolbar.......same error message....tried different usb slots on the cpu.....same message....and the usb cord is the SAME one I used with the treo 300.

    Please someone help me....
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    Wouldn't you be better off using the one that came with your Treo 600? Maybe the pins are a little different even if it fits.
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    I tried that....actually they are the same type of plugs......'s a problem I've recognized......I have windows xp....and when I hook up my old treo (300) that I was able to sync fine with, windows recognnizes that device.. but not the new treo 600 I just got today.....

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    use the cable that came with it. This is troubleshooting 101.

    pc+ 300cable +300 = success. we know its not the pc because it works with the 300. we dont care if its the 300 but we know it works. cable works with 300.

    pc+300cable +600 = failure. we know the pc is ok. we know the cable is ok. we ASSUME the 600 is ok becuase its new. So we must eliminate something else. Obvious choice is the cable and since its a 300 cable and not a 600 cable.

    Now since you tried the 600 cable AFTER using the 300cable on the 600 one must conclude that you fried the 600.

    Thats why it comes with a cable of its own.
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    Naah....they use the same cables/car chargers, etc...only the 650 is different....and I just hooked the 300 up to the cpu with the other cable and......what do u know? My PC gave me a nice message....."new hardware found!" as SOON as I hit the hotsync button.....grrrr

    let's see what happens when I hook up the cable to the 600........"a problem my have occured with your hardware" shows on my pc screen....and "the connection between the handheld CPU and desktop not established" shows on my desktop........

    I'm going to bed.

    Still glad I have a Treo 600.
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    I had a similar problem when migrating from my 180g to the 600. "New Hardware Found" message and everything and then "The connection between your handheld..." Tech support couldn't help. In fact, I have an open case with them still.

    My solution, believe it or not, was to use the old serial HotSync cable from my 180g.

    I can serial HotSync, I can IR HotSync, but not via the USB. HS says its a hardware limitation with my laptop (work-issued) and will likely clear up with when my office migration plan issues my new PC with USB2.0. But I still maintain that my 600 should HotSync via USB 1.0 -- so it's a PalmOne problem (hence, me not closing the tech support case).

    I know that using a serial cable like admitting to using dial-up, a cassette tape Walkman, or a rotary telephone. But it works. It's a slower HotSync, but only really noticeable for the initial one (10 minutes). Can you try this?
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    Thanks Guy,

    But windows isnt even recognizing my treo 600! No "new device" popup or anything......but it recognizes my 300 just fine.....
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    as I said previously, 600 is fried. I had one that wouldnt hotsync too. get a new one.
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    Hey...if I got an SD card, could I use that to load up programs/files to the 600?
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    Have you tried a different computer? If it doesn't recognize it on a different machine, you know the chances are your treo is the problem.
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    Yep...t.ried a diff computer....actually the treo is a reconditioned one from lockline....I think my ins was cancelled since that was my 2nd ins claim within a year.....but I just got the treo you think I should just call them? What's wierd is that the treo charges fine.....

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    Once you get a replacement via Lockline, doesn't Sprint honor the warranty either for the remainder of the original equipment's warranty or 30 days or something? Can you bring your phone to a sprint store for replacement now? They can at least test the Hot Sync issue for you and if the replacment h/w is defective, you might get lucky and they might even replace it with a brand new one.
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    All lockline replacements (reconditioned or new) come with a 1 year Sprint warranty.

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