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    of course the day after i write about how i'm mostly happy with my 650, i get a real funky error. all i did was make a quick call and hung up. the screen just stayed blank and lit along with the keyboard. i've removed the battery and tried holding the reset button down for a few seconds. i get the same result . . .

    palm resets, goes to the 'enable time thingy' screen, i click ok than back to the blank screen. what heck's going on???
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    Might wanna get an exchange if it's still happening after a hard reset.
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    it's kind of freaky like it's possessed as if it might say 'get out!' all the sudden. here's a pic. normally i'm actually psyched to get my phone replaced cause it's usually scratched to hell. this time the vaja case is actually doing it's job so it's more of a pain in the ****.
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    Did you do a hard -lose all your data- reset yet?
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    i've tried. don't i just hold the reset down for 10 seconds???
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    just read the manual. did the hard reset. we have a pulse.
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    Poor job by PalmOne in implementing this screensaver ;-P LOL least it was a Taxi on the 600... haha
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    ...but seriously, I laugh at it though I get the same white screen from time to time... a soft reset does the trick for me. If it doesnt for you, get it replaced.

    Does not happen quite a bit to bug me to a point...
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    BB Tour (Verizon) ∙ 16GB iPhone 3GS (AT&T) ∙ Palm Pre (Cricket)
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    i have a toddler so i dig the treelo pic. this is the first time i've had to reset, and was a hard reset. it's a pain having to reset my mail accounts, buttons, and files.

    after the hard reset, the voicemail i received reminded me of the sequence of events. my wife calls but i can't pick up. i call her right back and reach her. she tells me she just left a voicemail. i hang up and get the white screen. maybe it got tripped up on receiving a new voicemail and hanging up at the same time?? hopefully i drop my 650 and mess it up a little before i need to replace it. it would be more satisfying that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by montoya
    i have a toddler so i dig the treelo pic.
    Thanks! Same here... I found myself singing along at one point

    By any chance, have you loaded 3rd party applications which may cause such hang-ups? Or is your phone still clean (original apps)?

    Do you have a gazillion contacts loaded on your phone? Search the threads for "dbscan". It found problems on my addressbook which cause some of the hang-ups.

    Goodluck! (no don't drop it... just send it back, ask for advance replacement -- less hassles)
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    i love it when i wake up before our toddler!! that 30minutes of peace is priceless.

    i have under 400 contacts. i do have a friend that's a t600 junkie. when i first got my t650 he was all over it and kept sending me third party apps. he had some '650 simulator' or something that he tests the apps on first. he said most apps crashed. i loaded maybe ten of those programs and used them very rarely. i didn't think that they would cause the crashes unless i was actually running them. for now they are staying off. also, i'd have about 30 pics of my toddler at a time one my treo. one time on a website, i also got a 'out of memory' error which i couldn't understand based on my use. the website was just some basic reservations sight too.

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