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    A search did not return anything recent on this so here is a new thread.

    I bought a Tungsten t5 cradle like this:

    at the philly airport

    It has the same connector as the 650.

    The white plastic cover in the cradle area does NOT fit the 650. However, if you snap the cover out, the 650 fits find and charges/synchs.

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    Does it fit well enough to use regularly?

    The spec says: "Includes audio output for connection to your stereo system or external speakers"

    Does that work with the 650?
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    What white plastic bit?

    Does it look OK or like some dismantled thing?
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    How hard was it to snap the white cover? How does it look like now? Can you post pics? Thanks for the info!
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    Ok, answers:

    The white cover snaps out easily.

    The Treo 650 fits well if the white cover is snapped out.

    The headphone jack works fine with a stereo headphone jack.

    The system does look funny, but the base is wide and heavy and therefore still is better than having a loose wire floating on the desk.

    I used a plier to cut away part of the white snap in cover cradle and it still does not work quite right, but that probably will work with some fine tuning. The treo is too thick so you have to cut the back of it right out.
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    Can you provide photos to see how well the T650 fits without the back?

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