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    Per the suggestion of others, I have turned off the "Enable Local Network Time" option in the "Date & Time" preferences which supposedly was making the T650 unstable.

    Fine, but now my Treo is losing minutes to beat the band. I was ten minutes off yesterday when I reset the clock and today I am another 3 minutes behind.

    Is there a program that will automatically set the clock to the correct time that doesn't involve using the "enable local network time" option?

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    Take a look at WorldMate. You can learn more about WorldMate at:

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    if you use mark/space's missing sync, they include a conduit and prc combo called TimeCopy which syncs up the time of your 650 with your desktop/laptop and even calculates the drift for you.

    if you aren't using missing sync, i can't recommend it enough.

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