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    Where is the best place to get one? $699 US is steep. Why can't someone who has an unlocked 650 get their firmware and put that on a regular phone?

    Anyway, whats the best option for us canucks... I'd like to upgrade from this 600 asap

    PS I'm on fido, I assume the 650 works on the network
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    you can wait for rogers and sign up and lock into a 3 yrs plan..then you'll get the locked phone cheap..and pay to unlocked it later....or you can wait for a year when Treo 700 comes out, then you can find many used Treo 650 on ebay.
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    I just switched to Fido from rogers, cuz their plans suck and they were gouging me... now i'm on month-to-month with a better deal for less money

    anyway, that is beside the point..

    so no hope for a price drop or a better place to buy the unlocked 650?

    treo 700 in 1 year? how long was the 600 out before the 650?
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    You can still try to call P1 and get the phone for US$599..but I doubt they won't allow it now.
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    thank you so much for the helpful answers
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    My 650 is on Fido. One issue is the echoing on the landline side.
    Dial up to internet does not work.

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