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    MMPlayer keeps telling me I need to reencode @ a lower bitrate. What bitrate is best for MMP and how many frames per second are best on the 650
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    I am SURE somebody knows the answer to this.
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    I'm running the highest setting ocket dvd will let me I have my treo overclocked though
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    I find that 280k/sec (at 30fps) is great quality which the treo plays nicely at. It did play a 600k/sec file fine once for me (the size was big 680x480), but every 30 seconds it would complain (you can disable this helpful reminder in the Prefs of the program). Trying to use MMplayer (such as the menus) while playing a even videos at 180 will through up that error, point, just hit play and enjoy the show.
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    Have you done a VFSMark on your SD card? I use PocketDVD to encode files and I have it cranked down as low as PDVD will encode them. mmplayer tells me the bitrate is too high and play them.

    You may have a slow card. I just tell mmplayer to keep going and I can still watch my stuff. I just don't wanna get nuts about seeking through the file.

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