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    I don't understand why word or jpgs won't open up on my Documents to Go. Upon attempting to open a document like Word, it will not open and a message says that "a previous detected version of Documents to Go has been detected."

    Ok, so I used the Data Viz tool to delete documents to go. I then reloaded it via the Palmone Treo 650 Software CD. Still will not work afterwards and the same message comes up.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    did you upgrade to a later version like 7.003? You should download that off the website, hotsync, and then go through the dataviz utility again. If you've ever used a more recent version than the CD, it won't work until you update it again.
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    i got this error too. at least for me, I fixed it when I deleted the fonts prc that came with the treo. I dont usually install the font, but apparently palm does. so i think I had incompatible versions.
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    Awesome, followed instructions on dataviz website link that LouisW above just provided. What wasn't working?

    You NEED to soft reset after uninstallling the product and then reloading.

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    You're very fortunately. I had to do a full hardware reset when updating to 7.03
    Too bad their upgrade process is so buggy.

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