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    Anyone having a similar problem? Suggestions for fixes?

    650 GSM, Unlocked
    on Cingular network with unlimited MediaWorks
    Using VersaMail 3.0B
    IMAP email = AOL

    I set up Versamail for two of my AOL accounts. It reads and sends mail no problem. The problem is that it keeps downloading mail I've previously deleted off both the server and my 650. It also deletes mail from the server when I download to my 650, not allowing me to view the mail from my desktop. Invariably, when I open AOL on my desktop, it has one set of emails and on my T650 another. This shouldn't be the case with IMAP. AOL isn't POP3. I can't seem to see any pattern to it though. Sometimes it does it; sometimes not.

    I've gone through every setting imaginable. Any ideas or similar problems?
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    You might want to try SnapperMail. You can download a free demo version from:

    It support IMAP and AOL e-mail.

    Alan G
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    Here is a very handy primer on how AOL IMAP mail works...


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