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    I've got my 650 running Versamail to check my Gmail accounts.

    When I check my Gmail, I download all of my messages without any problems. Once I've read them, I delete them from Versamail (but not from the server, since I want to keep a copy there as well).

    The problem is when I check the messages again. It sucks down all of the same messages which I've already read. This gets problematic as the more emails I get, the larger the downloads (now at about 80 emails!).Thing is, it also downloads messages from my gmail account that I have categorized as "Archived" but haven't actually read. Emails like Netflix notifications and such.

    Can anyone suggest to me a better way to use Versamail with Gmail so I don't have these problems anymore? I recen;t had to reset my Versamail becuase it kept rebooting my Treo. Prior to that, I didn't have this issue. TIA.
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    There's a setting in Gmail that lets you change the pop setting so that only new mail will be available to download to your 3rd party client.
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    Delete the messages, but don't empty the trash and Versamail won't keep downloading the same messages.

    Or, switch to SnapperMail and be much happier in general
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    on my pc I "download" gmails over outlook and delete them immediately. meaning: when I leave the house and check mails with the treo, only the really new ones are downloaded ... give it a try.

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