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    A friend at work just bought it.

    It's been 14 months since I set mine up, and I can't remember all the steps.

    HotSync manager works, but iSync can't seem to add it as a device.

    Also, there appears to be no Mail software of any kind, unlike my Sprint Treo 600?

    Where is the e-mail software for Verizon Treo 600s? How is it installed?
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    Did your friend download and install the iSync Conduit from the Palm site? Once I installed it, I went into the conduit settings and was able to see that isync was available. Once it is, you can start iSync again and it should add the device to iSync and then sycronize. Hope this helps.
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    There is no installed email app on the Verizon, not even the standard VersaMail.
    As I recall Wireless sync requires a PC (not Mac) which is on all the time and constantly causes your verizon to ping (reason Verizon has an expensive unlimited data plan)
    I bought Snappermail.

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