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    Anyone has some info in the Verizon treo 650 are they gonna garry it and when??
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    Buy a sprint phone and covert it.. Theres several threads on how to do this..
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    just wanna if verizon wants to officially launch the phone it is quite important for palm as a company to have several carriers in the us
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    If you are waiting for a Verizon phone you might want to keep in mind what they are doing with their current phones. BT DUN is disabled, and now they are disabling the ability to copy data off of a data card, so if you want ringtones you have to buy it through them. If you want transfer pictures off of the phone you have to send the picture via the phone to your e-mail address, you can't copy it to a card and then transfer the card to your PC (and you certainly can't copy via bluetooth).

    I don't know of any wireless carrier that is as restrictive as verizon.
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    Yeah, verizon is all about plugging GIN (get it now) revenue leaks including:

    1) Transfering photos off phones without using their $0.25 picture service
    2) Using any ringtones other than thosed purchased through GIN
    3) Loading any software on the phone other than that purchased through GIN
    4) etc..etc..

    There is a big cry from a lot of v710 users when they found that Verizon disabled EVERY single BT profile except the headset profile on their first BT enabled phone...however Motorola said there would be DUN, OBEX, etc...

    Users of the v710 then found a way to get their own ringtones on the phone without purchasing them through GIN by using the transflash card (memory expansion slot). Then in a set of leaked release notes from the next v710 firmware update showed that verizon disabled copying files from the card to the phone...which is required to use them as a ringtone or background.

    Eventually some lawyers stepped up and have now filed a class action suit for all v710 owners against VZW because basically, they said there would be this functionality before release of the phone, but when it was released it wasnt there...then they said its coming with a firmware update, then with the proposed firmware update, they actually removed more features.

    Needless to say, Verizon is finding themselves in a lot of trouble simply because they wanted to make an extra $1.95 for a ringtone. I guess they didn't think that people wouldn't be happy to find out they can't do as they please with the phones that they OWN.

    I did own a v710 before switching to cingular, because Verizon's phones really did suck, and they were certainly dragging their feet with the treo 650 (with rumors saying it would be out in may...which in "Verizon Time" means late November) all in the name of "quality testing". When they say "quality testing" they really mean "disabling any method that someone could use to get a ringtone, picture, or software on this thing where they don't pay us".

    Eventually, one v710 owner, Superdave (who is very much like our own shadowmite), decided to extract the v710 firmware from his phone and modify it himself...He eventually found that most of the features that verizon disabled were just bit flags that were set. Changed a couple of bit flags and you all of sudden could use OBEX, transflash was fully active. He then even went further and started adding in features, like the ability to customize the background on the "outside the flip" LCD screen, etc...basically all the things that Verizon said that we could do, but were too afraid of loosing a lousy $2 for a ringtone, to actually allow us to.

    Needless to say, I'm a little bitter over that whole thing...I am a BIG fan of Verizon's coverage, but they are too damned afraid of losing $2 for the all of 5,000 people who would've been able to figure out how to get ringtones on the thing without paying.

    They are also very arrogant, and their retention department is basically non-existant. I called to cancel to switch to cingular, didn't offer me a credit, cheaper plan, replacement phone, nothing...just said "see you later" and closed the account.

    When I tried sprint once, I had to turn down an offer for 1000 anytime minutes, unlimited N&W, m2m, etc for like $30/mo in order to cancel...They really didn't want to loose me...but Sprint didn't work well at all where I lived so...

    Anyway, to sum it all up: Verizon Wireless is so greedy about extracting every last penny for every last ringtone, picture, program, etc. that you put on your phone that they are willing to sacrifice the happiness of the "power users" who buy the things because they are cool and have all the bells and whistles...Well, guess what Verizon? It's those same power users that drive the HYPE that gets EVERYONE ELSE to buy the phone too!

    Also...One last piece of advice: NEVER EVER EVER wait for verizon to release a phone. The v710 came out almost a FULL YEAR after they said it would. There isn't anybody that can tell you with any reasonable certainty as to when any particular phone will be released. They only tell anyone about 3 days before they go on sale. If you want the 650...either convert a sprint 650, or go with Srint or Cingular...However, Sprint is your best bet, if coverage in your area is good with them (since its a $15/mo data plan).
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    Come on folks. Just think about it. With the complexity of the Palm OS, and the plethora of 3rd party apps available, do you really think Verizon could lock the phone down enough to force purchases through GIN?

    They didn't do it with the 600. Why would they do it with the 650?
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    I just read on another treo site that Verizon announced at a sales meeting htey have made the decision not to offer the 650. Any confirmation out there
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    I just read on another treo site that Verizon announced at a recent sales meetingn they have made the decision not to offer the 650. Any confirmation out there?
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    I've given up trying to figure out what Verizon is going to be doing -- aside from sticking it to their customers. I just picked up a Treo 600 and I'm running with it. By the time that Verizon goes with the Treo 650, the handset prices should be dropping.

    I went through a similar thing last year with the Kyocera 7135. My corporate rep kept telling us "next week.", "next month.", and "any day now."

    Alan G
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    Wow -- never occured to me that Verizon might do something like that. While I agree w/ PabloTX, just the thought is a real reality check. I goesto show, while palm has made mistakes with this phone, we can not underestimate the negative effect the carriers have also had.

    I too have been burning a candle for the Vzn 650 (for a friend) and, thoght I've lloked high and klo,w have no valuable info to add to the "when" discussion.
    da Gimp

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    My rep told me very plainly that Verizon had just decided NOT to carry the Treo 650. I told him if that's the case I'll be leaving Verizon. He said that he was sorry to see me go, but that he wouldn't lie to me (odd for a rep, eh?) and that Verizon had indeed made this decision -- and he heard it himself at a sales meeting.

    So after 5 years with Verizon, I finally switched to Cingular to get the 650. Cingular has been great and the EDGE data speeds are much faster than I expected. All in all, I'm real happy with the switch.

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    Do you have a contact we can get to that we can also hear this first hand from someone within Verizon. I got the usual "no info" when I asked today.
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    I wish I remembered his name....

    The guy I spoke to was a sales rep who actually called me because I was on an older Verizon plan, and he was trying to get me to re-up in order to get a cheaper plan. I told him I was holding out to see if Verizon would be getting the 650... and asked if he knew when that would happen.

    Well, he then confidently told me that unfortunately Verizon had just decided NOT to carry the Treo 650. He said he was just informed of this at a sales meeting that very day. I told him that if that's the case, sadly, I would leave Verizon to get the new Treo. He reitereated that this was indeed the decision that Verizon had just made. That's when I closed my account and switched...

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    We have a business account with 4 treo 600's on the plan, and my 600 has been acting funny to the point that my rep suggested that they replace the phone. However, he said that if I could wait 30 to 60 days, I could get a 650. This was about the middle of Feburary, so that would mean middle of March to middle of April. He seems to know, because he gave me about a 30 day noitice on the 600's. Maybe he was just getting me off of his sholders, but I think that he was being honest to me. We have a large account, so it is in his interest that he keeps us happy. Who knows only time will tell. I just thought that I would add some more fuel to the fire ;-)

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