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    This is my first Treo after many PDA's. Am wondering if anyone has any tips for cleaning the keyboard as I am sure over time the keys could get gunked up with dust, grime, etc. I use canned air about once a week and have used alchohol for TV remotes and other electronics with "keys". Any thoughts from the Treo veterans here?
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    I use an airduster, then a lintfree/microfiber cloth

    Also looking for the best ways to clean a treo...
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    I use the PDA cleaning wet wipes followed by the special optic grade cloth readily available.

    About once a week or so...
    I have detailed files.
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    I second the microfiber cloth idea. Works like a champ for the keyboard, the frame and the screen.
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    Apple, dry and wet pads work for me !

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