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    My new 600 should arrive from lockline today (yess!)

    What is the EASIEST way of getting all my phone numbers (as well as Verichat) over from my treo 300 to my new treo 600??

    The data is on my Treo 300 as well as on my Palm desktop program on my pc.

    Please help!!!

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    From page 149 of the Manual (forgive the oddness a cut/paste might introduce):

    Upgrading From Another Palm Powered Device
    Note for Macintosh Users: A special README file on the Treo 600 CD contains instructions to
    make sure you donít encounter compatibility issues when you upgrade to Treo 600. Follow the
    instructions in this README file for a smooth transition.
    To transfer all compatible applications and data from your previous device to your
    new Treo:
    1. Perform a HotSync operation with your old device and your old desktop
    software to back up your data one last time.
    2. Install the Palm Desktop synchronization software from the CD that came with
    your Treo (see page 21). During the installation process, perform a HotSync
    operation with your new Treo. When prompted to choose a user name for your
    new Treo, be sure to select the existing user name for your old device.
    3. Some third-party applications may be quarantined by the HotSync Manager
    because they are not compatible with the Palm OS 5.2.1 on your Treo. Do not
    manually install any quarantined files.
    4. If you plan to continue using your old device, perform a hard reset (see page
    153) to remove its associated user name. Each device you synchronize with
    your computer must have a unique name. The next time you synchronize with
    your old device, be sure to assign it a new user name.
    After upgrading, there are a few things you need to know about your new Treo:
     Address Book is now called Contacts. To launch Contacts, press Phone ,
    then use the 5-way navigation control to choose Contacts.
     Date Book+ is now called Calendar. Press Calendar to launch.
     Applications Launcher. Some previous Palm Powered devices called this the
    Home screen. To access this screen, press Applications Launcher .
     Find. Some previous Palm Powered devices launched this global search
    engine by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the Graffiti area. Now you
    can access it by pressing Option and Shift together
    Menu commands. Users familiar with Graffitiís Menu launch command can
    now access system menus by pressing Menu . To access a menu shortcut,
    press Menu , then the letter for the shortcut (see page 32).
     Backlight. Treo includes a keyboard backlight that also dims the screen
    slightly for low light conditions. While your Treo screen is on, press Option
    then to turn on the keyboard backlight.
     Center button. If you used a previous Treo phone, you might be accustomed to
    pressing Spacebar to activate commands or dial numbers. With this Treo
    phone, we recommend pressing Center instead.
     Screen button. The fourth button on the right is used to control the screen and
    is not an application button. However, you can remap this button to your
    favorite application if you wish (see page 132). To turn on the screen, tap the
    Wireless Mode button briefly (donít press and hold).
     Internet connection. This Treo was designed to work on the PCS Vision
    Network. When you sign up for a PCS Vision account, these settings are
    automatically transferred to your Treo; you don't need to do any extra setup.
    If you have trouble connecting to the Internet, you may need to contact
    Sprint and ask them to re-provision your Treo 600 for PCS Vision.
     5-way navigation compatibility. Some Palm OS 5 applications are optimized for
    5-way navigation on devices other than Treo. Therefore, you may notice
    inconsistencies with software that is not designed with Treo in mind.
    Contact the applicationís author or vendor to learn if a version that is
    optimized for Treo is available.
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