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    I got PXAClocker to work now (I just had to turn it "ON") and it's stable at 507 MHz.

    "Speedy" benchmark has me at 2273, with the orginal 312MHz clock checking in at 1364.

    PocketMark says the PalmMarks is 2950.

    Benchmark 2.0 shows 679%

    It's much snappier going from app to app now, without a doubt. Most apps already ran so well that I don't see much difference with most of them. I do see a difference with PCGenView, but that's only for use with PCGen, a character-generating program for the d20 game system, so I don't think it has a very large user base.
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    How is the battery consumption with it clocked up ?


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    Running at 507Mhz seems like fun, but I wouldn't recommend it long term. If yours is stable at that speed, choose the apps that you feel need it (like Acrobat Reader) and set them individually for that. Just my humble suggestion from someone with "experience" is burning out processors....
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    It would definitely use more battery consumption, I am finding the 650's speed great. I had a zodiac 2, and could feel the difference. The 650's speed is on par with my tungsten t3, which is clocked at 400mhz. The one thing I'd like to know is if the delay of making a call is taken care of overclocking, the screen delay when calling someone.
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    Well, I can't say I was unhappy with it before, so I'll probably just wind it back to the default of 312 MHz. Myabe I'll leave it cranked up for one or two apps.

    I don't think I have the delay with contacts problem - at least not that I've noticed.
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    I've been running at 546 Mhtz for about a month now and so far so good. I did notice a slight battery drain but not enough to affect me since I charge every night.
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    Running a 312Mhz processor at over 500Mhz for an extended period of time is not a good idea. I know PC processors are overclocked all the time, but this is not a PC. If you fry it, you just can pop the processor out and replace it - you have to get a whole new Treo. And unless there is an application that REALLY needs it, phone, contacts and calendar run just fine at 312MHz. There may be a couple of apps that benefit from the higher speed, and short periods of time of doing this should not be a problem, but a blanket processor overclock is a recipe for problems.

    My humble opinion, of course.
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    I have been running at 507mhz since I got the 650 in early November. No problems, little less battery life but it makes things like kinoma, gizmo, and firestorm run much better.
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    So why not set the clock speed at 507 for those apps and leave the rest at the standard 312? I mean, is there really a noticeable difference in the regular apps? And is it really worth it to run a piece of silicon rated at 312mhz past its designed tolerance? Sure, these chips can handle more speed, but some lock up at 468, some at 507. Why? Because when they were designed and made, they chose 312mhz as the fastest, safest speed they could reliably run these processors at. Variances in the manufacturing processes produce chips capable of running at higher speeds, but not consistently. And there is no telling what errors could be creeping in at higher speeds that don't necesarily involve a reboot or lockup.
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    just continuing a point...overclocking is overclocking you decrease the MTTF...
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    While we are on PXA Clocker, Has anyone UNderclocked the Treo 650? I used to underclock my T3 to 200mhz. Seemed to make a big difference with extending battery life. Only problem is my 650 does not seem quite as "zippy" as the T3 so not sure if would be as unnoticable underclocked..hmm.. may try will let you know.
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    I underclock some apps, like Chess, Zork and other games that dont need speed and I found it extended battery life some. I spend a LOT of time on these apps.
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