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    Everything mentioned here that I've tried has effectively disabled what little Bluetooth capability the 650 has with my headset... anybody else have any luck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smiley88
    Lightwav works perfectly on the T650 and T600. wav/mp3 ringtone, custom jpg, gif/animated gif and live video callerID. callerID blocking and more.

    Bugs & instability galore.
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    about your little tag line about our President:

    Yes... imagine juggling all that while taking the fight against an insideous, invisible enemy to, and keeping the fight on foreign soil...
    While intercepting a well publicized high number of terrorist attacks domestically since 911. An incredible feat considering the porousness of our borders.

    But thanks for the screamingly liberal statement Mr. Kuttner... you may be astoundingly inaccurate, but at least you are entirely unentertaining.

    Good thing we didn't have "embedded" journalists on D-day eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo
    Why doesn't another developer, like Marc, Jeff or Shimon, "pick up the ball" and develop a program for the 650 that has the capabilities of CallFilter?
    Because the PalmOS SDK is trash - hostile to modern development and Palm isn't the best on developer support. That would be my guess from my experience developing for the platform. I can build good J2ME/MIDP2.0 applications in days and I'm fairly isolated from some of the foolishness in the kernel. When I build stuff in PalmOS I have to deal with kernel updates of any kind breaking any application I've written because the kernel and the APIs are still not mature. Hell I can't even get decent documentation on the encoding and installation of ringtones for the Treo.
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    Just sold my 650 on ebay...

    didn't get much for it... what a surprise eh?

    That devalued pretty quickly considering the GSM release date was a few months ago.

    Very telling.

    Think I'll go back to a 600 with a Jabra BT adapter...

    ... anybody got any better ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smiley88
    Lightwav works perfectly on the T650...
    This couldn't be farther from the truth. Lightwav was so buggy I couldn't stand it. Nothing like crashing the 650 EVERY TIME a call came in. Ringo Pro has been a far better product. It's too bad, I really wanted to like Lightwav, it's got far more style than Ringo Pro, but unfortunately, far less substance.

    Read the threads. This isn't an isolated incident.
    I'm back!
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