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    Hi -- I picked up a 1GB SD card yesterday at Fry's and am delighted.
    I ripped 5 full CD's plus a few extra songs to it and it is still only
    20% full! I thought of buying a 2GB card but they appear
    not to be widely available and not available at a typical electronics
    superstore. (My only nit is that downloading the wmv ripped
    cd's from the Sony Jukebox software on the VAIO takes absolutely
    forever using Hotsync. Much slower than previously ripping CD's
    using Sony's proprietary format and Hotsyncing to a Clie.

    The question I have here is about a stereo-docking station for
    the Treo. The IPOD has add-on where you can just toss it
    in a holder and it links up with stereo speakers. I'd like the same
    for the Treo. The docking station should be able to supply electricity
    to the Treo so that it doesn't use up its battery over and over for
    playing music as the current charging station doesn't allow a stereo

    I know I can take the adapter for the sound output slot and plug
    it into a standard cable for two speakers but am wondering what
    optimum speakers might be. I know the Treo doesn't put out much
    wattage and I'd like to ideally get something that is modular that
    looks good and doesn't take up a lot of space without having to buy
    and return too many sets of speakers. This is for a small desk built
    into a wall organizer.

    The only thing I can think of so far is the Treo charging station that has a
    stereo out and run it off to a couple of small speakers on the desk, using
    the stereo adapter for the Treo.

    Anyone have a better solution?


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    Dunno, but watch out for the technical issue discussed here (with software & hardware solutions)

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