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    My IT guys are not helping me configure my Treo 650. How can I determine my MSE 2003 server name and configure my Treo myself? I REALLY want to have my e-mail pushed out to me and I refuse to submit to the limitations of a Blackberry.
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    Unless your IT guys have opened up their server to the Internet (which I doubt), there really isnt a way to directly access your mail with the Treo. If they (IT) lets you redirect your incoming mail to an outside server, you can forward your mail to an IMAP compatible server, which you can then use to exchange information with your Treo. Some IT departments wont allow you to do even that. Mine does, so I redirect my work email to my regular POP server which also has IMAP idle support, and voila!!! my Treo gets my email automatically.
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    do you have OWA or OMA access from the outside available? usually it's something like if you do- try putting in or whatever that happens to be into chatter and see if that works.
    you can also check your outlook config by going into outlook
    tools> email accounts> view email accounts
    select your exchange account and hit change. a box will come up with the name of your exchange server. however that will be the internal name and it most likely will not help finding the external name.
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