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    I can't believe I didn't find this forum before, I've been wasting my time on another that hardly anybody visits or has any answers.

    Let me first say that I work remote and my PC is outside the company firewall. My company currently uses Exchange 5.5, but is upgrading to 2003 in the next few weeks. Is there any email solution that I can use that will not require my PC to maintain a vpn connection to corporate? I've downloaded a trial of Snappermail, but I can't get it to work properly.

    I'm hoping that the switch to Exchange 2003 will provide some additional options.
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    GoodLink..requires a box behind your firewall, so you would have to have IT support/approval. We work on all versions of Exchange (5.5 through 2003).
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    Try using Corsoft Aileron. It comes in two flavors
    1. Aileron personal Mail access
    2. Aileron Enterprise Mail access

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    For more details on Aileron Mail please visit

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    I have the same setup as you. I created a server side rule using my Outlook client that would redirect a copy of my work emails to my personal POP account. My personal POP server also supports IMAP, so I am using ChatterEmail to monitor that account, and the minute an email arrives it is delivered automatically to my Treo.

    Works like a CHAMP!!!
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    Yeh I use the Chatter option as well and it is awesome. Tried Versamail for a week and it's just that real weak and buggy. If your email doesn't support IMAP fwd it up to Fastmail which is what I am doing across multiple accounts and it is very good - setting up a little convoluted but once done is great
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    ZBoater...I don't know if that will work for me, but please correct me if I am wrong. Setting up a server side rule from my Outlook client won't do any good unless my PC is connected to corporate via VPN (I work out of my house, when I'm not traveling). When I don't have access to my PC (which is most of the time) I get email using Outlook Web Access.

    It sounds like a great option if I can get it to work.
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    Yes, you need to set the server side rule while you are connected to your network. The good news is that you only need to do it once. Redirecting mail sends a copy of the mail to your POP server, the original stays in your Outlook inbox. If this is allowed in your company (redirection), someone at the help desk could also do it for you.

    Since the amount of space given to me by IT is limited, I have my Outlook client deliver emails to a personal folders file on my PC hard drive. That way, every time I connect to the corporate server with my Outlook client (either directly or through a VPN), all emails are downloaded to my PC. So the ones I get on the Treo I can delete confidently, as a copy will always be stored in my PC.
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    Last question ZBoater...If I have this setup correctly, will my business email show any signs that it came and went from my personal email account? I don't want my clients or prospects to see another address.
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    Ask as many questions as you want! This is what the forums are for!

    Yes, if setup correctly, two things will happen. First, all the email you receive in your Treo will be seen as coming from the person who actually sent it. That is why redirecting is not the same as forwarding. If you forwarded all your mail, then all the email you received would seem like it came from you. Very annoying.

    Second, you can setup an SMTP profile (simple mail transfer protocl) - which means that the FROM address that shows up on peoples screens when they read your emails can be set to whatever you want. In this case, your work email. You can even add email signatures, but simple ones, not fancy ones with fancy fonts, colors and graphics.

    That is how I have mine setup - if I reply to a work email I receive, it looks like its coming from my work email. When people reply to it, it goes to my work email, and then redirected to my Treo.

    The only catch is that those SENT emails from your Treo will only be in your Treo and not in your PC. There is a way to have SENT emails uploaded to a server so you can later download them from your PC, but I haven't played with it yet.
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    Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes. I think this is something that I better not get started until I have enough time in the office to configure.
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    Smoerbe, are you using the Treo 650? If so, your other option may be to use Versamail which supports Exchange Activesync. Exchange Activesync is on by default with Exchange 2003 - you should check with you IT people. This would be a completely free way to get real-time e-mail. If not, then I agree with ZBoater, Chatter E-mail is great. If Excahnge Activesync is not going to be enabled on your Exchange 2003 server, you should at least ask you IT people if they are going to allow IMAP access, again, I believe (though I could be mistaken) that IMAP access is enabled by default with Exchange 2003. If so, then you can use Chatter E-mail without having to set up a rule to forward your e-mail to another account first.
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    Aileron Mail can serve your purpose. Single users can opt for Aileron Personal Access and Multiple users can go for Aileron Enterprise Solutions.

    Feel free to reach us online for a live chat support on our website ( and our support engineers will be glad to help.

    Mark Gin
    Aileron Mail Specialist
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    I am trying to set up what you have described here, but am not all that savvy. I am using XPressmail currently because my company is using Blackberry exclusively, has decided not to use GoodLink, has not enabled ActiveSync and won't allow Pop or IMAP access for my email. XPressmail is ok, but I would love to have real-time email. I have a personal account and believe I could set up my work email to be redirected to that account. I really want to have it redirected instead of forwarded.

    Can you give me tips as to how to set this up in Outlook?


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