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    Wow... very insightful. I had only thought about that in general terms, but specifically, that DOES make a hell of a lot of sense.

    And yes, I've gotten rid of every possible item from my 650 to minimize device errors, even some stuff that came with it. I (hopefully temporarily) parted ways with some great little apps that I used ALL the time because of this situation.

    It's only logical if you're busy as hell.
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    jeese i love mine, im on my first no probs at all, sure there are quirks but easily fixed or work arounds imo, i just dont understand some of the issues. im not having them, did i get a good one?? or are some people just messing thier treo's up by putting to much crap on them, and them blaming the device, i dont know im just happy to have mine.
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    I have to agree with this thread. As a 600 user (& I love it), I am apalled at the removal of logical & convenient options on the 650. The customizable 5 way pad is essential to the usability of the Treo! The call log is another! Why remove the "week view" from the calendar? Why is dialing so much slower, especially with a faster processor? The list goes on! Why shouldn't you be able to synch or use backup buddy to move your data from the 600 to the 650? I am with others-I am returning the 650 & will wait for the next one. I love my 600, even with the inferior screen!

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    The Treo650 has all the classic hallmarks of a product that got snatched out of the hands of engineering and QA by marketeers convinced they had to get it out the door RIGHT NOW.

    The good news is that most of what I hear about the 650's problems *could* be fixed in software/firmware -- they don't appear to be hardware bugs. Even the volume issue people seem to have...the fact that there are combinations of buttons that will, at least temporarily, boost the volume tells us it's not a hardware bug.

    The bad news is that the will to do so may not exist. If the marketeers have full control over P1 now (and I don't know that they do), they'll be focused on the rumoured Treo 670 and Tungsten T6/T2005 or whatever else is the next generation of would-be money makers.
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    All good points.
    But let's do something about it!
    Sign the Petition and talk about it everywhere, to everyone.
    Let's make these fixes happen, and NOT on PalmOne's time table:
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    mshappe... we concur 100%+, take a look at my post on treocentral, from a few weeks ago:
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    mshappe... we concur 100%+, take a look at my post on treocentral, from a few weeks ago:
    Hey Tundy,

    You have a bug on your site. Or maybe it is intentional?

    Go to petition page. Don't sign. Click on "no thanks just show me the guest book" at bottom. It refreshes the page and surprise, no guestbook. Click AGAIN and I am asked to save a file of unknown type to my computer? Source says IS THAT ALL ABOUT?
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    [APPLAUSE] for tundycentral.

    I feel your PAIN & share your ANGER!!!
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    I-MATE PDA2K EVDO! problem solved. But still no standard 3.5 headphone jack!!! DAMN YOU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlstang
    [APPLAUSE] for tundycentral.

    I feel your PAIN & share your ANGER!!!


    I see 5 letters to P1 on the site, none in 2 weeks. 3 of the 5 are from Tundy. The other 2 are links back to Treo Central!

    The petition is still not visible as far as I can see, so who knows how many people signed. I would be willing to retract this statement if someone can point me to the list.
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