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    I'm using it with TMo here in NYC, and I paid $600 for it (after they raised the price to $700...) by simply telling them I'd seen it on the site for $600 - no problem.

    I'm a frequent gadget hopper. My most recent was a Blackberry 7100t. Overall the 650 is hands down a better device except for two issues: speaker volume and reception. They both suck compared to the 7100t. In places I regularly had perfect, clear connections on the 7100t the 650 is static-y. As for the speaker volume, I think enough has been written about this. Palm needs to do something about this...

    As for bugs/problems, I haven't really had any (knock on wood!) My thought about this is that many of the problems are related to issues surrounding people upgrading from 600's and not doing clean installs. I started fresh and have no problems. This is all a big guess of course. Clearly there are issues, lots of 3rd party software incompatibilities, etc. But my experience starting from scratch has been solid. I sync to a Mac FWIW and haven't bogged the thing down with too much 3rd party stuff yet.

    The keyboard and screen are great, and BT is nice of course (but I had that on the 7100t).

    Anyway, I think I'm going to keep the 7100t in a drawer for a bit rather than sell it. I do prefer the 650, but the two main issues cited are unfortunately not small ones (for me). We'll see but for now the 650 is a keeper.

    Now hurry up with EDGE TMo!

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    I too am using T-Mobile. The Treo is working, only resets with incompatible software or when the internal memory becomes fragmented. Actually, Palms have always needed a periodic soft reboot to clear out the coomunications stack and defrag memory. The Treo does this when it needs to, which my previous models did as well. I just wish the Bluetooth supported more handsets, voice dialing and was a bit more reliable.
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    Are you using HotSync or the Missing Sync to sync with your Mac?
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    Tmo and unlocked T650 rocks
    Missing sync works great .
    Never used Hot sync..
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    WHOOPS. Spoke too soon...or did I? I installed xiino and comfirmed (both in feel and with the dslreports mspeed test) that it's much faster than blazer.

    Since then? Three spontaneous resets (today) and one phone freezeup that didn't clear up until I did my 3rd soft reset...yikes.


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