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    I tried to upload some pictures from my Powerbook to my Treo by putting 320x240 jpeg's in the DCIM folder on my SD card, and then putting the card into the phone. However the files don't show up in the phone when I navigate to the DCIM folder. Instead, I just get generic icons. Furthermore, when I put the card back in my Kodak DX6340 camera (after trashing the files) and take more pictures, I get an error message when I put the card in the card reader in my Powerbook which says something like "Error-files unreadable". I tried opening the files in iPhoto, Photoshop, and Preview with no luck. Photoshop gave me an error message saying something like (I'm going from memory here...) "A jpeg marker is out of place or the file may be truncated". The only way to make the card work again is to reformat it in the camera. Suggestions...?
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    Does the camera show the pictures? If so try connecting camera to your mac instead of using card reader.
    I'd avoid moving the card to many different devices. It' s usually best to format them on the main device (i.e. treo or Camera) since there more than one way to lay data fiels to a card.

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