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    Got a T650 to replace my T600. In T600 Contacts, I could include text in any phone number and the T600 would display and dial the number correctly. For example, I could save a phone number as "Desk 800-555-1212" or "Home Off 800-555-1212". This provided just a bit more specifics on each listed phone number, beyond the standard "(W), (H), (O), (M)" classifiers.

    But for these contacts, the T650 shows a blank line (except in "edit" mode), and will not dial, unless ONLY the phone number appears on the line, no other text is allowed. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a work around, short of creating lots of new Contact entries whenever I want to see more specifics about the type of number being called for an individual?

    I did a forum "Search", but came up empty.
    --- Baba
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    Try putting your text after the numbers.... that worked for me.

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