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    So.... A friend and I wated to write a program for the Visor/Palm, but we're having a tough time trying to think up a good application. Since we both use a lot of the Free Palm OS software we've decided to make our software free (Or perhaps PostCard-ware) as well. We'd appreciate any ideas that people could give us.

    I realize this may be better suited for the developers discussion area, but I think I could elicit better feedback here. Thanks.
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    Hey Zero.

    What I would really like to see is a net worth app. I would love to be able to see assets and liabilities at a glance. I have tried Worthj Batteries, but it is woefully lacking in functionality and it requires the memopad to work.
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    I think I'm confused... Could you please explain a bit more. Thanks.

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    Yes that is exactly what I would want!

    A simple tool for keeping track of my accounts...

    You can add bank accounts and credit cards to it... from the first screen you would be able to see the current balance (and credit limit) of each account. When you click on an account it would bring up the account detail screen.

    From there you can add transactions to the account, make a balance adjustment or a credit card payment.

    The create Transaction screen would have a date field set to the current date (but you should be able to change that to a past or future date). The transaction description field would be blank by default but it could be typed in or you could select from a list of preset descriptions like rent, house, insurance, phone, power, credit card, etc... (it would be really cool if you could configure the presets!) then finally you would type in an ammount for the transaction. They you would submit the transaction.

    Balance adjust would allow you to enter the actual balance of an account and it would add a transaction that would credit or debit the account to make it match the actual balance of the account (this is useful because I don't want to enter every little transaction in but I still want to keep the balance accurate)

    Credit card payment would be similar to a transfer... It would debit whichever account you made the payment from and then credit it to whichever card you selected to pay to.

    I wouldn't really care about synching information to something like quicken because I would use this to keep track of all my finances with (other users might care about that).. but it would be nice to have it generate a monthly report in excel format that I could save for my records (you could put this in later versions though).

    I would pay for this if you made it... but maybe you'll give me a free copy of it for the time I spent writing this post... good luck!

    I've got a BVD with a Stowaway keyboard
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    I'd love to see something just like TimeReport (by SDS Data), but with the ability to enter a real note (like a memo pad entry sized note) about what I did. Also, I don't really care about running a timer for each project. I would just like to be able to record total time/day/project along with a note/day/project, and to be able to summarize total hours/project on a day,week,and month level.
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    Looking for an app similar to Worthbatteries. You can see what I am talking about here

    I don't want something as complicated as what Henry talk about above. After all, you are doing it for fun/free.
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    I would like to see a hack or something that would fix the 16 gray scale probelm in some apps on the handspring.
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    I would love some program that would allow me to view and edit files from MSWord 2000 on my visor, and automatically update the file on my desktop when i sync. There isnt really anything that does that very well yet. It would probably take a while, but i know a lot of people who would really like it.
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    I second ejacobs' idea. I had the exact same thought even before I read that response. The one item that people keep mentioning over and over on this site is what is the best text editor. If there was one with a seamless conduit into Word, it would be the hands-down favorite of us all.
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    Pirates! Oh, c'mon, somebody has to want to make a Palm OS version of this game!
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    I'd like an easy way to add recipes, without typing every character. So for this:
    2 cups flour
    I want to be able to enter the quantity (or fraction, 1 1/2, for example)
    Then the unit of measure (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup etc)
    Then I can select an ingredient from a predetermined list, that I can add and modify.

    Lastly, I'd like to be able to "beam" the recipe, and application if need be, to somebody else.

    I know, cooking may not be what you're interested in, but it sure is nice to have some quick recipes on your visor in case you are hungry, and at the store, and don't remember what your recipe requires.

    L. Tyler
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    Another vote for my idea ... I think it would be extremely diffucult to write a program that would sync well with word 2000. Come on I'll give you five bucks for it, I bet a lot of other people would too.

    Maybe I should just program it myself!
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    Not to belittle(sp?) your idea, but what is different from the application that you described and one like Qmate or QuikBudget? My friend and I would like to create a new program that doesn't simply take a shareware program, copy it and then make it free.


    Just yesterday I was thinking that there really isn't a way that I know of that one can take acurate notes in a meeting. I know my graffitti is quite good, but certainly not quick enough to replace paper and pen in a meeting. Further more, as some suggested in this post there isn't a good way to sync these notes with other desktop applications.

    Of course this would probably be a difficult app to program since it would require a real nice syn conduit and conversion program.

    We haven't decide yet on the app, so more feedback would be appreciated. Perhaps once we decide on the app, I'll post another message to elicit feaure questions. Thanks for the feedback thus far!
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    Are you talking about the commadore 64 game where you sailed around the carribian searching for treasure, talking to mayors (and their daughters) attacking towns...
    That game was a blast, I've been trying to find a simialar game for the pc but no luck. Would love to play it on my visor
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    I'll second Monkey's request for a time reporting program. There are a lot of free ones out there, but I have yet to find one that really works elegantly.

    What I would like is a way to enter project, then each day, I could select the project, hit START, and it would time it. At the end of the week, It would be great if I could summarize the time spent on each project broken down by days. Ideally, it would then sync with the desktop (or quickbooks!)

    I'd also love to see a free Mac app that can sync with the freeware Password programs...of course, that really isn't a Palm App, though...

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    What about a program that lets you chat with another visor. So like an instant messanger for the Palm OS. That way when your bored at meetings you can chat to the guy next to you or across the table from you. I don't think that would be too hard.


    PS If anyone knows where a program like this exists, please tell me!
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    Originally posted by french-fry
    What about a program that lets you chat with another visor. So like an instant messanger for the Palm OS. That way when your bored at meetings you can chat to the guy next to you or across the table from you. I don't think that would be too hard.
    Try this:
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    A skydiver's log book. There are pilot and Scuba log programs out there now for Palm OS, a jumper's log is very similar. Totaling freefall time would be essential, and a few search & sort modes would be great. Sort or view jumps by type: RW (formation), CRW (canopy formation), skysurf, etc.
    I know the audience is limited but a lot of skydivers are somewhat techy types who may really like this.
    Blue Skies!
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    I'm all for a smooth Word 2000 transition program, but I think the larger, more immediate question is how we can use our attached keyboards (Stowaway, etc.) to type documents without filling the "Notepad" file size. I do this ALL the time.

    Perhaps if you took a look at text editing in the global view, figuring out what makes a great text editor, what features you need, etc., you may have a GREAT program.
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    How about some some sort of incrementing calendar timer?

    Basically, I've occasionally run into the situation where I have to keep track of numeric or time values which increment over time: take, for example, someone who gets 8 hours of sick time every two months, or $150 a day in late fees from a moving company.

    There already exist some freeware timers which will tell you how long it has been from a given date (like Triquetral's CountDown), but they do not have a method of taking that raw time data and turning it into a number.

    I can imagine a set of four to eight timers. Each timer has five associated fields:

    Timer name (A string)

    Start Date

    Increment by (this needs to have both time and floating point data types)

    Frequency (How often the Increment is added to the running total

    Modify total by (another field of the same datatype as "Increment by" which allows a value to modified without having to change the start date)

    So, for example, if I started work on June 1 and get 10 hours of vacation time a month, and have used eight hours of this time, on September 1 we'd have

    Timer Name ("Vacation")
    Start Date (June 1, 2000)
    Increment by (10 Hours)
    Frequency (Monthly)
    Modify Total by (-8 Hours)

    The application would then show 22 Hours of Vacation.

    Anyway, it's a thought.
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