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    If you do a recipe program, set it up so it can import and export from notepad or DOC files, using an easily parsed format. The recipe software out there now all uses proprietary binary files, and you have to use specialised applications to enter recipes.
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    Originally posted by homer
    What I would like is a way to enter project, then each day, I could select the project, hit START, and it would time it
    Check out PunchClock - I think it will do what you are looking for.
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    WYSIWYG html editing
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    I've seen nothing that will allow you to sort memos in the memopad app by date created, date last accessed, and date modified. Memoplus can give you some of that information in the Details dialog, but will not sort. Another app will keep your list in a reverse-chronologically accessed order--but loses the sort order as soon as you sort alphabetically. The best kind of sort would be where you simply tap the title of a column, as in Z'Catalog or HanDBase.

    I'm no programmer, but this couldn't be too difficult, could it?
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