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    It takes me around ten minutes to sync just three channels on average (56k modem).
    That's on a good day. Quite often it hangs up the connection then re-dials and starts all over again!

    Is this normal? I'd go for more channels if it didn't take so in the UK we have to pay for ISP phonecalls.
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    I sync about 15 channels, totalling about 1mb. It takes me about 30 seconds. I am using DSL, so thats probably one of reasons its faster. 10 minutes seems awfully long though, even for a 56k modem. How big are the channels? I download all recent AP and Reuters reports through the Yahoo channel, which takes up 200kb, and some other channels only take 10k.
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    The three channels in question are:
    Guardian Unlimited..189k
    PalmPower Magazine..61k

    I long for DSL but it's only just rolling out now in the UK as ADSL(A=asyncronous) @UKP40 per month from British Telecom.More than I can justify at present.

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    Takes about a minute for me. I have ADSL and 17 avantgo channels.
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    56k dial-up with approx 500mb of channels syncs in 1 to 3 minutes usually. Anything after that is probably AvantGo's sync server waiting for responses...

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    I don't recall that it took up to 10 or more than 10 minutes on my USB cradle with a 56K dialup modem...perhaps 7 minutes to get stuff from InfoWorld, ZDNet, Infospace, USA Today and Fox Sports.

    With all of that said (at least I didn't tell you I'm using broadband to connect), some questions:

    1) What kind of cradle are you using? USB or Serial? If you're using a serial cradle, check your HotSync Manager configuration-- it might be configured to communicate to the serial cradle at less than optimal speeds.

    2) Is your 56K modem internal or external? If it's internal, is it a "winmodem" type? If it is, what is the processor speed of your computer?

    I ask the above because I can see where using a Winmodem with a slow computer can really hurt performance all-around.

    If you're not using a Winmodem, how are you determining that you're connected at 56K? Could there be a chance that, even with your 56K modem, you're actually connecting at 33.6 or 28.8?

    And, if you are determining that you connected at 56K, I'll presume that the way you're able to determine that also gives you some throughput or activity status information--- do you see constant or near constant download activity? In other words, if you were relying on the Windows DUN, the receive-green light should be near constant with just a few blips of the upload-green light.
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    thanks for your reply.In answer to your questions..

    1.I'm using USB sync.Hotsync manager is set to local USB.Typical sync with Mobile Link disabled is around 20 secs.

    2.I have a Dynamode PCMCIA V.90 56k Fax/Modem in an unbranded (allegedly Mitac)AMD K6 333mhz notebook with 96Mb RAM, running Windows98.

    As far as connection speed is concerned, I know that 56k is only a theoretical maximum: the DUN status box always claims 50,666bps but I know it's a liar, since it never varies! I've no idea how to tell the actual connection speed. Perhaps you can enlighten me? As for the little green screens in the taskbar,I always thought they were purely cosmetic

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    The DUN box only shows what speed you connect at. You need to find what speed you actually download at. When you download files through Internet Explorer, it will give you the rate it is downloading at. A good rate on a 56k modem is 3.5-4.5kilybytes per second. Some other programs such as GoZilla give a more accurate rate in my opinion. There are also various programs that test your speed. go to to find some. I have used some, they work pretty well but i dont remember the names.
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    It takes about 15 secs to sync the 5 channels I use (Maxim, Foxsports, NYTimes front page, salon and wired) when I use the USB cradle and am on my office ethernet. However, even at home (where I use IR syncing and dial in modem), it still only takes about a minute or two.

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    Originally posted by MarkEagle:
    56k dial-up with approx 500mb of channels syncs in 1 to 3 minutes ...
    WOW! where do i get me one of 'em 500MB visors??

    It takes me about 1 minute to sync 1.2MB of channels at work through LAN, and about 15min to do the same at home on my 28.8 modem.

    Interesting note: recently i tried the NetDocuments channel and loaded up a Word file, Excel file, PDF file, Powerpoint file and jpg. It doesn't really work well (the word file was the only one that worked decently and frankly, it's easier to just load up the file on my computer) But since i deleted the files and channel from my visor, everytime i sync avantgo it wants to refresh ALL my channels so i end up waiting longer! AND it wants to sync twice! I checked the box in server settings and it's not checked to refresh all channels. any other suggestions besides just deleting and re-installing avantgo?

    huh..just figured it out. For some reason, there were 2 AvantGo servers listed under my server preferences on my visor (which inturn put 2 on my desktop) so that caused avantgo to want to sync twice. one of the 2 servers was set to refresh all channels.

    interesting observation, i deleted the redundant avantgo server and ended up with an extra 1.1MB on my visor!! so syncing to a redundant avantgo server actually installed all channels twice!!
    i know this little story of mine has little to do with the original question but i thought you might be interested!

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    Y'know, I think Hoser's on to something-- a duplicate AvantGo server configuration can certainly increase the time-- it's doing it again, and again, and again, just like the Pink Bunny.

    As far as determining the actual connection speed, most of the time, you can determine that from a log file that you can enable. In most Win95/98 modem installations, this log file is not on by default. You can turn it on for diagnostic purposes by...

    ...going into the Control Panel-Modems applet, select your modem, click Properties, then click on the "Connection" tab and locate the "Advanced" button. Click there and on the lower left, you'll see a "record to a log file" option.

    When you enable that option, Windows will create a file named "ModemLog.txt" and append (I believe) any connection attempt you make with your modem. If you open the file with NotePad or WordPad, you'll see what appears to be cryptic information. What you're looking for is a "Send: ATDT" statement followed by a "Recv: CONNECT" statement. The numeric figure you see after that connect will be the actual baud rate. You'll see another line beneath that that says, "Connection established at..."-- that's the DTE, or modem-to-computer connection rate, which can be higher than the actual modem-to-modem speed.

    OK, enough of the modem lessons.... :-)

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    i'm with markeagle: 56k dialup... usb connection, and it takes (usually, with the occasional 8 minute anomoly, of course) round 2.5 minutes.
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    Originally posted by Hoser_in_USA

    WOW! where do i get me one of 'em 500MB visors??

    Only in America?!?!?

    oops... (used to be 1.2mb; trimmed to 500k... didn't check before hitting Submit)

    Originally posted by Hoser_in_USA

    huh..just figured it out. For some reason, there were 2 AvantGo servers listed under my server preferences on my visor (which inturn put 2 on my desktop) so that caused avantgo to want to sync twice. one of the 2 servers was set to refresh all channels.

    As for the redundant AvantGo server, I had the same problem after upgrading to version 3.3... actually ended up with 3 instances! Talk about long syncs... I'm not sure what causes the duplicates to show up, but it would be wise for everyone to check their settings to make sure there's only one.
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