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    Over the years I have used various software programs, my favorite being Precision Mapping, on my lapop with a now aging Garmon 45 via serial port. each time MS came out w/ a service pack for Windows 2000 I'd lose the serial port communication with the GPS.

    In my business I also use Delorme 3D TopoQuads, Street Atlas and regular Topoquads so a delorme solution would be advantageous from a familiarity and investment point of view. Looking at the Delorme site, my vote for most confusing ever, it would seem that we are nigh on a Delorme solution. The other thing I like about the Delorme is that it would be a Laptop and Treo solution. When I want a large screen, just fire up the laptop and have the same software on both.

    The BlueLogger receiver can work as BOTH a Bluetooth and wired device (comes with cables for doing so).. It would seem therefore that I would have the option of using it with a BT headset or, hopefully, pair the GPS with the laptop via BT and the Treo with the headset. Or...the Treo via BT and skip the BY headset.

    The basic setup for the non BT GPS is listed here but the wired setup for the BT Logger is the same.

    here's the compatability charte

    The only thing that seems to be missing is a cradle mount and Treo 650 specific cable. Here we have a Treo 600 cable. but no cradle.

    No cable here

    Here we have a CDMA version of acradle and mount but no Delorme GPS compatability.

    I guess is Seidio ever comes out witha GSM mount, I could forego the delorme GPS receiver but how many other GPS receivers provide both laptop and PDA connectivity ?

    Suggestions ?
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