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    I a using Hotsync, and iSync with my Treo 650. I am having touble with conflict setings when syncing. When I preform a sync, the address book in my treo is used as the master and if there is a person in my address book on my computer and not in my treo they are deleted. Also it is not copying Aim screen names to the treo. When there are conflicts iSync just says that more than 5% of data will change but gives me no option for which source to use for each conflict suh as when syncing to idisk or ipod. any advice as to programs, and or settings is much apprecated, I dont care if I have to buy a program, I just want my contacts to not dissapear.
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    Ain't syncing with isync great?

    Waiting for Tiger...

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    what is goig to be better with isync in tiger?
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