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    I'm a new member as of 3:20 Sunday afternoon. I've been scouring the internet for information that may help me sovle my sync problems with my Treo650.

    I would like to thank the forum for pointing me in the direction of replacing my SIM card. (I was one of the lucky ones to get the GemPlus cards)

    For the record, the Cingular (corprate store) in my area DID KNOW about the issue and was very happy to replace the card. (Unlike other threads I have read here)

    To make a long question, even longer.........

    I can not for the life of me sync my existing e-mail messages from my desktop PC to the 650.

    I have followed every direction correctly and completely.

    I have read every page in the manual hundreds of tech support web pages and user forums.

    I understand all about the conduits; I've correctly configured the Versamail. I can send and receive e-mails from my desktop and 650 using Versamail, independently. I can download and send e-mail, as well as connect remotely to my desktop using the Xpress software.

    I am not given the choice in any configuration window to have the Versamail connect to an existing e-mail account found on my desktop.

    All of the checkboxes in the Hotsync configuration windows show that I have asked the Treo650 and desktop to sync the accounts.

    Not one forum, nor any support questions sent to PalmOne has generated a response. Hopefully I'm not asking the impossible?

    I figure this is my last chance to get my questions answered.

    Thanks in advance.....
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    If the account is set up it should already be set up to syncrhonize. From the windows tray, launch HotSync->Custom->VersaMail->Change.

    Make sure that:
    1. The conduit is set to syncrhoize.
    2. Pick the account out of the list displayed and click Advanced
    3. Make sure check box to syncrhonize account is checked.
    4. Make sure the Days to sync is something you want. Setting to 0 will download all of your mails from your Server/Desktop client.
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    I hear you...I had the same problem and tried everything in the book. I spent several hours fooling around and finally gave up. Versamail is such a terrible piece of software that I decided to go with snappermail. It doesn't sync up with outlook unfortunatly, but at least the things it says it will do are predictable.
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    Actually VersaMail works fine for me, I haven't really had any problems with it. Just trying to find out what your issue was since it was probably just a selection you missed....
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    When asked if I want to add a new account or have the Versamail sync with an account already detected on the PC..... The "detected on the PC" choice is grayed out. It won't allow me to pick it.

    In the Hotsync "custom" window..... The checkboxes for syncing with the inbox and outbox are clearly checked.

    It only checks the pop server. When I hotsync, it checks the pop server for new messages and when I'm online with it, it does the same.
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    I also went in a 180 degree direction trying ANYTHING at this point......

    I turned off all the syncs on both the PC and the Treo650, hoping to create some sort of new prefs file (fishing and grasping for straws at this point)

    I watched the 650 successfully sync all applications and back up everything, complete with the hotsync log telling me everything had successfully synced up.... EVEN THOUGH I turned everything off and asked it not to sync.

    I tried everything on a different computer tonight, with the same results.... everything syncs but the mail
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    I read everywhere how much better the snappermail application is over Versamail....

    But in the FAQ's they tell you that snappermail can not sync with the e-mail program on the desktop.

    THIS is the only reason I bought a Treo650, so I can bring all of my e-mail to the jobsite.... I have many messages already downloaded into my desktop, I need to be able to sync them,...... just like I used to do with my piece of crap Visor. (very easily)
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    Wow, good to see someone that has exactly the same issues I have had. I posted about it in the wrong forum earlier (the hardware forum). Basically I am running into the same type of problem. My experience level is pretty high and I still cannot get this working. I understand all about conduits, pop/smtp mail, outlook pst files, etc... at a very technical level. And this just simply doesn't work (not as VersaMail tries to pitch it anyway).

    I can independently send and receive mail from my Treo 650 using VersaMail but it will not synchronize with my Outlook email (note that I am not talking about contacts, tasks, memos, calendar - these all synch just fine). The VersaMail conduit seems to be extremely buggy and the instructions they provide are not at all accurate (for version 3.0 with the Treo 650).

    My conclusion thus far is that the VersaMail app doesn't really "synchronize" at all. Much like SnapperMail (which seems to be a much more honest product about its capabililties), the VersaMail product is simply an email client that is totally unaware of your Outlook .PST file; even though every manual in existence on VersaMail says to the contrary.

    It appears the only way in which you can properly "synch" VersaMail with an Outlook client (or so it seems as of now) is to be working with a corporate Exchange server in which the emails never actually get downloaded/removed from server (i.e. they always stay in one central location - this is the nature of corporate Exchange environments).

    The trouble is that a POP3/SMTP environment that many home users will be working with is not the same as a corporate Exchange Server. The emails go "poof" when you download to the desktop email client or pda (unless you explicitly set the options to keep the mail on the server)

    VersaMail for all intents only "synchronizes" (that word is starting to make me laugh with regard to how they use it for their marketing) in the sense that it sends/receives to your ISP's pop/smtp servers wirelessly and either removes mail from the PDA (for example if you already downloaded from your ISP to your desktop), sends mail directly, or receives mail directly. The bottom line though is once the mail is gone off of the ISP's POP server VersaMail is not going to get it.

    For example:

    If you were to turn your Treo on, open VersaMail, and do a "get" mail you would wirelessly download anything off your ISP's POP server. If you have the option selected to keep the mail on the POP server when you download to the Treo, the mail will still be there for your desktop Outlook to download it. HOWEVER, if your desktop Outlook is not also set to keep mail on the server when you download then the very next time you HotSync and the Treo performs its "synchronization" (lol) it will remove the mail you previously downloaded to it. The reason is that it thinks the mail is gone (and it's correct) from the POP server. It doesn't actually do anything at all with your Outlook client.

    From what I gather, the old VersaMail conduits did actually have something called a "synchronize only" option and you could not do any direct wireless communication with your PDA to the POP/SMTP server. They apparently did allow your conduit to be aware of a desktop email client (in fact with that configuration it was the only way you could send/receive email - through the desktop client). After nearly 24 hours of research on this issue I can pretty safely say that you will not make the VersaMail 3.0 conduit do anything whatsoever with your email client in terms of synchronizing. The only way you will do it is with Business Connection Personal Edition from Sprint, possibly Active Sync, and using a corporate Exchange account.

    At the very least, VersaMail 3.0 documentation sucks horribly and is misleading as well as very functionally different than pre-3.0 versions. It has its uses but they are limited due to the non-synch issue. What if I have some email a week old on my Outlook that I would like to take on the road with my Treo? No way to do it. What happens the whole time I'm away from the desktop/office that I'm sending email and replying to email? Later when I get back to my desktop none of that history will be recorded in my Outlook .PST file. I can download all the mail, sure, if my Treo was set to keep the mail on the server; however, Outlook still won't have any idea or record of what was sent/replied to the whole time I was out.

    Is there a product out there that can actually synchronize with a desktop email client or at the very least allow you to manually select items you wish to exist on both the pda and the desktop client?

    Sorry for the long wind, but I have spent literally around 24 hours researching this and I'm going mad.... haha.
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    The real problem was in the way the device and the desktop would retrieve mail. The *typical* Outlook setup is to be connected to an Exchange server. For that connection to work with wireless mail the handheld account needs to be set to POP. (all has to do with how POP, IMAP, and Exchange deal with message ID's)

    There was an issue with the last release in that IMAP users would configure Outlook for the desktop sync but the handheld client would be set to IMAP casuing lots and lots of headaches. Secondly if the INET profile was not the default (you have more than one mail profile in Outlook) you would fail the sync. Thirdly, there were some versions of Outlook (probably not supported anymore anyway) that flat out wouldn't let the sync occur with an INET profile regardless of whether it was the only one or default one. And finally, the handheld client now has lost the ability to set up 'sync only' type accounts - which probably drove this descision from palmOne. You could fake out lots of things with a sync only account where you can't if it is always going to be enabled to perform wireless synchronization with your mail server.

    So in short, the Outlook sync now only works IF your profile is configured to go to an Exchange server. IMAP users still wont see any real ill effects from this since Outlook will deal with the IMAP foldering issues. The one segment of the user base that will see this problem are those who 1. have a POP account and 2. configured that POP account through Outlook.
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    Great posts!

    Yep, this is EXACTLY what is happening to me.

    It's too bad that any of the manuals or PalmOne website didn't explain it this clearly. I certainly can reconfigure my pop3 settings to leave the e-mail on the server until the message is deleted from the Treo650. If I was told this from the begining, I could have saved about 100 hours of research, reading, posting, hard resets, uninstalling/re-installing Palm software and the purchase of another Treo650 (at FULL price) from the local PlamOne store while waiting to find out if the PalmOne online store is going to take back my original (and what I thought was defective) phone.

    I just wish I knew that before buying my $400.00 camera phone. Since basically, I can't bring previously downloaded e-mails to my jobsite for reference. I could have downloaded new e-mails from any of those "free w/contract" web enabled phones.

    Second, the construction management software I an currently using won't run on the Treo650... but will run on the Handspring Visor, the same device I can download (an bring to the jobsite for reference) old e-mails from my Outlook inbox, resident on my PC.

    All in all, I have made a bad decision buying the Treo650, compounded by buying another. (Which I will promptly return, unopened at this point)

    I really feel that there has been a bit of "disinformation" behind this whole deal.

    These PalmOne guys are ridiculous.

    When asked why my phone wasn't "Wi-Fi enabled" like advertised on their web site...... I was told (quote/unquote)..... "That is a typo." (This has since been removed from what I can tell)

    I appreciate everyone's input and help here. It was far more than I got talking to PalmOne.
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