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    I've had my Treo 650 since late November. I never had the t600, only a handsriping visor and basic sony clie in the past. I've mostly been lurking in the bluetooth and accessories boards so I'm not biased by any recent issues that have been discussed. I thought the atmosphere on this board was a lot of fun when the 650 came out, kind of like on BMW boards filled with giddy new owners back when the 330i/ci/cic came out in 2000. I always liked the post purchase reviews so here goes mine . . .

    I'm a moderate user and use mine primarily for checking emails, taking quick pics of our toddler to send to my wife, and web browsing. I talk less than 300min/mo on it. Overall I've been pretty happy with the 650 and continue to be amazed by being able to do all of the above on one device. Our recent vacation put the 650 to the test. Leaving my laptop home, I decided to watch over our small business using only the Treo while we were away for a week in Maui. It confirmed that if all you really need your laptop for is for emails, the treo is a great replacement. The test also forced me to rely only blazer as my only web access.

    Here's a fun example of when it came in handy. We were walking around Whaler's Village and strolled into the Louis Vuitton store. My wife sees some trinket and is told by the nice saleslady that it's some limited release item and they just received it. I'm bored so I stroll out and do a quick search on eBay. The msrp for the necklace is $440 (plus 4.5%tax) and one has a bid for $699 on eBay. I go back in and ask how many they received. Two, we'll take both. My wife kept one and I sold the other for $550 a week later. Sure after ebay and paypal fees, I only got $50 out of it. Still, it felt so cool using the treo as I did.

    Another time it came in handy was when I lost our camera. I had been eyeing the Nikon D70 but had no plans to buy one until the middle of the year. So plans change. I researched prices on the Treo and found that the I'd save about $100 buying from some other reputable dealer compared to the Ritz Camera's on the island. Sales tax was only 4.5% and we were only half way into our trip so I thought it was worth just getting one locally. I called the three Ritz Camera's and they ended up all being sold out. Later I ended up researching the D70 more and found many owners still kept a point and shoot. After more research I found the prices at Ritz for the point and shoot digicams that I liked were too high. I ended up just using the weak treo cam for the rest of the trip. It was a bummer that I didn't have any quality pics, but to me, I felt better knowing that I didn't overpay for some camera I'd be unhappy with after the trip.

    Too much sidetracking . . .

    So just as desktops/laptops and the internet have allowed people to make more informed decisions and be more effecient, the treo is one more big step in that same direction. It's one louder. It goes to 11.

    Here's my complaints about it . . .

    1. the annoying lag when dialing from contacts . . . find name, select number , wait, hmmm, i must not have pushed it hard enough, crap i hung up, do again . . . .

    2. for some reason, i miss a lot of calls when i'm on the internet or emailing. my wife gets annoyed cause it often and randomly goes straight to voicemail.

    3. occasional soft resets.

    4. paranoia that i'm going to run out of memory and dealing with flash cards that like to jump out. i already lost the free 128mb card. i don't want to loose some $50 flash card so for now i'm using the 16mb flash card that came with my new nikon 3700 (only $125 after rebates woohoo!).

    5. bluetooth has only been reliable in my car where i mostly use it anyways. volume and static while walking can be unacceptable. lag has been a problem only a couple times. i have the logitech bt wireless headset. at $40 i'm ok with it. at $100, i would have returned it.

    6. not really a 650 thing, but the vaja ivolution case has started to turn a new color. i have yellow face which has been fine, but the cedar green has aqua blue starting to show where it rubs against my pocket the most. at $100, i'm annoyed.

    I put up with these headaches like I put up with the the random bluescreens on Windows 98. I'm hoping software upgrades will ease my pain. I still highly recommend this to anyone on the fence. No review is complete without raving about the screen. After being used to the 650 and sony clie screens, T600 screens look very dated.
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    2. that is the way it works. not really a treo issue.

    3. what does the err message tells you what it thinks is causing the soft reset?
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    2. wish there was an 'interupt' option.

    3. i don't remember seeing any messages. it usually happens while i'm browsing.
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    I have had mine for 2 days I actually got my original replaced at the 150 Fulton street store in NY it would not recognize my SIM card. To be honest i think i was more excited when it didnt work just the anticipation lol. I like the e-mail stuff i have set up my Gmail and my aol account to go to it.

    What bummed me out was i cant set ringtones for individuals. that was the easy way for me to know who was calling without looking at the phone. also no voice control for dialing and answering a call bummer. and last but not least my bluetooth headset does not auto connect i have to tap it (motorola hs810) to answer. with my other crappy ericsson it would just auto connect. add those things and this phone is perfecto.

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