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    I'd like to have notes attached to my To-Do's in outline (hierarchical) form.

    I tried Arranger - thinking it would link to the T0-Do's, but the link is only one way - from Arranger to the To-Do. There's no way (and I confirmed with the developer) that the To-Do will know the link to the Arranger note from the To-Do.

    I already own Brainforest - so I'm not looking for a standalone Outliner - just a simple Outliner for To-Do's notes.

    Any Suggestions? Thank you.
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    You may want to check out Tree. It's very simple but may do what you need. It's a DA and it's freeware.

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    You might want to look into the general-purpose linkers:

    LinkerHack from DigitalGlyph:

    LinkDragon from Novabase Porto:

    LinkPak from Silverware:

    I've tried them all and like LinkerHack the best.

    Hope this helps

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