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    Resets after Hotsyncs are probably from Butler. Go to and get the latest release (I just found it today). So far, I haven't had a backup during the 1 hotsync I've done since installing it. We'll find out tomorrow if that holds.

    edit: Oops, I meant I haven't had a "reset" during hotsync since installing it.
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    Well, I still haven't gotten around to the hard reset yet. (I've been putting it off). I've been soft reset free ever since threatening to do it though. LOL I think I scared the phone. I even re-enabled the network time function and have seen no error. The ONLY issue that I've run into is having everything lock up when trying to connect my BT200 during a call. Since the P1/Sprint/whoever decided to hamstring the functionality of the device by leaving out the voice dialing capability, you've got to start the call then connect the headset. A couple of times, the headset wouldn't connect. Then after completing the call (without said headset) I found the phone locked up, needing the battery removed to reset (easier than pushing the button)
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