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    Next week about 5 people from my job will be upgrading from Treo 600 to the 650. This might be a stupid question, but as far as moving over all our old apps (such as Pocket Tunes, snapper mail, PDAnet, etc) will it be as easy as just plugging the new phones into the sync cables and hitting sync? Kinda like when you get a new 600 and all you have to do is sync it to get it up and working? Or are we going to have to re-install and upgrade all our old programs?
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    that is guaranteed failure.

    there is no upgrade/migration path.

    search "mikec" and "migration" or "upgrade" and you will see the answer.
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    Holy Smokes.... I feel like I am watching someone going blindfolded towards the edge of a cliff....

    I would personally, STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT simply try and "resynch" with the Treo 600 stuff.
    In fact make a copy of the backup folder in your Palm directory under your username and then REMOVE from the parent directory.
    As much as possible, try and go to the "native state" as if yo never owned a Treo and THEN after synching the first time, reinstall the apps one at a time.

    Snapper Mail - OK
    Pocket Tunes - OK

    PDA Net - need new version.

    Also BOOKMARK this website for information!

    And oh yeah, Good Luck!
    I have detailed files.
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    Thanks I swerved at the cliff's edge!

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