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    I've been using my Treo 650 GSM for several weeks on Cingular with all of the bugs figured out with the exception of one. I cannot get access to my home or office voice mail (SBC). I dial the access number for my voice mail. When prompted for each, I enter the password and the telephone number. At that point, I usually get an error message part way through my telephone number, stating that the telephone number can only be 10 digits in length. If I manage to get a 10 digit number entered, my password never matches. The same thing occurs whether I use the keyboard or the screen keypad.

    I don't think this can be user error, since I've been accessing my SBC voicemail from my Treo 600 for the last year or so on Sprint (and can still do so).

    Any ideas?

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    I am presuming that you need DTMF tones that you are having issues with. I had a terrible time programming my call forwarding and voice mail until someone on one of the threads suggested that I place a puase between each and every digit when entering numbers. The result is a long automated string which works about 90% of the time but may be your only option.

    To summarize, create a Favorite with a speed dial where you tell it to dial extra digits automatically. Insert puases where needed and be certain to add a pause (the comma is a pause) after every single number entered. On most systems, inserting the # key after entering your phone number or passcose will speed up the automated systems response.
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    Thanks very much. Works like a charm. :-)

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