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    I was trying to find a decent relational
    database program. It looks like the only choices are thinkDB and Handbase. Are there any others?

    I like the Handbase user interface (a lot) more, but it seems to be be just on the edge of being able to be called a relational database, while it seems thinkdb actually is one.

    Oh well, if only I could rotate the thinkdb orientation 90 degrees. Do people use the other database programs (jfile, db) as real databases, or just fancy note pads? Maybe I will take a look at the db source code...
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    IMO HanDBase is much better if you want to link multiple databases.
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    Hmm. I think you know something I don't.

    Say I have a database of people, and a database of cars. Each car has an associated person. I understand I can do linking to connect the two, but it doesn't seem to work the way I would expect. Say I want to pull the name and address out of the people database. I can link it with a "DB popup", but that doesn't seem to really link the two, changes in the people DB are not propogated back to the car DB.

    And if I do the link/linked thing it doesn't let me just import the records for easy display. On the other hand, thinkdb seems to do the right thing with joins. But, just to make it less useful, it doesn't seem to let you easily jump to that record for editing, or have the backlinks of handbase to establish a 2 way relationship.

    Is there a way to do the above in handbase?

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    Thanks for the post this came in handy. I do not want to use HanDBas on all our users systems but it does allow me to make a database. Now I have to figure out how to access it with my own program. I am hoping it is just a matter of opening a connection and writing the code. That is if hanDBase does not have some sort of special formating only there program can read.
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    SmartDocumentsToGo (formerly ThinkDB) has a pretty good interface with MS Access
    Only in a Jeep.
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    I've been using DB for a few years now ...... it's distributed under the GNU GPL and available at:

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    I am looking for a way to create a databse or PDB file for a program I am writing in NS Basic. I have all the records currently in a mySQL database and need to make a PDB that I can then install onto a palm and connect to it on the palm with my program. Anyone have any ideas. From what I have seen and heard there is no database standards on the palm like how you use ODBC from different languages to connect to a datasource. They are all proprietary database and can only be accessed by that program.

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