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    I'm doing just fine with my unlocked 650, now that I got a replacement for my initial lemon, but when I info to see what I have loaded there are so many files and programs with obscure names that I have no idea what most of them are. As I did a synch upgrade from my Treo 270 folder I am concerned that there may be a few leftovers that I should delete.

    Is there either a master list of the programs that come pre-installed on the 650, plus those that are on the Palm software disk, or is there a way to organize all these files by date to see which ones are older and thereby more likely to have been copied?
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    Uninstall PalmOne from your computer and then either (1) rename "C:\Program Files\palmOne" to "C:\Program Files\palmOne.Old" or (2) Backup "C:\Program Files\palmOne\YourName\Backup" --- these are backups of all the appls on your Palm device. Delete the folder "C:\Program Files\palmOne"; the uninstall will not remove them. (YourName is the name on your Palm Device)

    Now install the PalmOne s.w from your CD and then sync. Compare the files in the new backup folder with that of the previous one.
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    Installing apps on a 650 by restoring from a backup from another device is NOT recommended. It's known to cause many reset issues, and Palm recommends against it.

    As far as identifying what files belong to what, get FileZ and examine the creator-id of each file. All the files associate with an existing app are supposed to have the same creator-id (although I've seen exceptions to this). So if you look at, say sample1.prc and see that it has a creator id of smp1, you can then sort on creator id to find all the files associated with it.

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