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    Well, I did a rather stupid thing. As soon as I got my 650 I beamed my contacts from my 270, but then when I synched for the first time it seems to recopied them all, as now I have two of everything!

    When I look under info > records I can see them, as there are two databases called addresses and contacts that are exactly the same size - but the Treo doesn't seem to allow me to delete either. In fact, when in delete the records are not even visible. So, how does one delete one so that after Hotsyncing it won't just get put back?
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    The DB5/Treo 650/DM Patch issues as described by CESD only applies to datebookdb.pdb and memodb.pdb. They to not apply to addressdb.pdb or todolist.pdb (or whatever the file names are called). Though DB5 will keep the calendar and memo proprietary databases unmirrored it will not do this for the contacts and tasks proprietary databases If you have duplicated entries in contacts and do NOT have a good copy backed up somewhere or a good copy on your desktop app (check these first) then your only hope is to use the Palm desktop utility (can't remember what it is called) to get rid of the duplications.

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