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    This goes into the "For what it's worth" file:

    My Cingular Treo 650 is rock solid so far. I've had it for a few days now, with no problems. I tried to wait to install third party apps, but things were working so I really went to town.

    I do not use any Internet services yet, so any problems there remain to be discovered in the future sometime.

    I do not use Bluetooth or Versamail, except for setting it up so I could get calendar sync, tasks, etc with Outlook - I do not sync e-mail. I sync on my work computer to Outlook and on my home computer to the Palm Desktop only. On my work computer I also sync with a MS Smartphone provided by my company.

    I have I do not know how many third-party apps installed, including Datebook 5, Card Export, Graffiti Anywhere, LEDOff, Launcher X, 18 games, a few calculators, and several benchmarking programs.

    I use LauncherX to run most of my apps from the tiny 14MB card I had from another phone, leaving me 9.34 MB available. "CardSpeed" shows this little card as fast (Wrt32bit: 113 bytes/sec, wrt8KB: 224054 bytes/sec, Read8KB: 2383127 bytes/sec), but that could be a result of simply being a very small card. My 128MB card is on the way from PalmOne.

    I tried to run PXAClocker but saw no effect on any benchmark. Since I am using the free (Lite) version, maybe I am one of the 2% where it refuses to actually change the frequency?


    One more thing, this has, so far, been much more stable than my old CLIE SJ30 - though I had many hacks and overclocked the heck out of that one, pushing it to the edge, and frequently over, of stability.
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    Ever since I exchanged my SIM, my Treo has been rock solid too, and I have a LOT of stuff loaded. I even tried my hand at PXAClocker at 468MHz, and this baby FLIES!!!
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