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    With Chatter enabled (all versions since v1.0 do this on my Sprint T650) the 4 main hard buttons require more of a press-n-hold to get them to respond. This occurs regardless of whether the device is on or off. Disabling Chatter immediately makes them respond to a simple press. Re-enabling Chatter makes the buttons more sluggish, and so on. Anyone else notice this or know how to fix it?
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    I have noticed similiar behavior on my Cingular T650; however, I assumed it was related to a general sluggishness with T650 responses.
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    Does this behavior change when enabling/disabling Chatter? Would you mind testing and post the info? It would be nice to know if others are experiencing the same issue consistently and can attribute it to Chatter. If not, I may need to further pursue and incompatibility with a current utility. Thanks.

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