I'm sure most people will think I'm nuts when I tell you that I cut the earpiece off of a jabra BT headset and am trying to connect it to a cassette adapter stereo cable. I thought I could simply connect it to the wires that were connected to the earpiece and it would send the same thing through the stereo wire into the cassette adapter and out my car speakers. But so far, this doesn't work.
I may be completely retarded doing this, but if someone knows a little bit about how to maybe make this work I would appreciate it.
I know there is a new BT cassette adapter, but it appears to be only to stream music from PDAs and other such devices. For a while I've been thinking a BT mic connected (or integrated) to a cassette adapter would be a nice clean solution for adding handsfree to one's car. Help me out friends and we'll make a million dollars selling it!