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    AutoSync works great, but I don't feel like turning it on and off each time I step away from my home office and then come back to my office.

    I have 4 POP accounts and turning AutoSync on for each one when I leave and turning it off when I get back to my computer is starting to get tedious. I know there's a way to make it do it at certain times, but I never know when I'm going to leave the house.

    I've read through the manual and cannot find anything -- any ideas? Does another e-mail program do it -- SnapperMail?

    Also, now that I'm asking a question about e-mail -- when HotSyncing, does the e-mail in VersaMail (4 POP accounts) get saved somewhere on the computer?

    Thanks in advance,

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    on the hotsync button, right click, choose 'custom' then choose 'versamail' then press 'change' and choose 'do nothing' and press 'advanced' then untick 'enable HotSync feature'

    hope that helps
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    By autosync I imagine you mean the option on the handheld to connect at certain intervals and download your mail while you are mobile? No, there isnt a way to turn it on/off for all the accounts at once.

    I would recommend ChatterEmail. You can define your for pop accounts as four mailboxes, configure it to autosync every so often, and you can take them all offline (no downloading) or autosync (Qsync they call it) all at once in one command.
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