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    I think I may have found my problem with my old Visor reporting only 97% on the benchmark. I found that when I enable Afterburner 3.0p (without changing any of the default settings) I end up getting 97% on the benchmark instead of 158%.

    What settings do I have to choose so that Afterburner does not undo some of Handspring's optimizations? I assume it would have something to do with the LCD/n setting.

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    Ok here are my settings that give me 158% when Afterburner 3.0q is ON. Benchmark is set to run at 16MHz - the standard speed.

    0-ws Core : checked
    Fast MPX: checked
    Fast Page: checked
    Slow MPX: not checked
    Fast Hotsync: not checked
    Adjust Ticks: checked
    LCD/n: 3

    Sometimes in Afterburner, clicking on the "Norm" button can undo these settings even if they still appear on screen to be correct. That is likely where you are getting the 97% from. This can also happen when you disable Afterburner in Hackmaster.

    Also, I have found that a speed of 24MHz lets the IR and serial ports run at "standard" speeds. At 26MHz and 28MHz, IR would not work correctly for me. I have used an external modem on the serial port (through the serial cradle) at 57,600 baud, and the Visor at 24Mhz without any problems. Sure speeds up ProxiWeb and AvantGo.

    One of these days I'm going to get adventurous and try turning on "Fast Hotsync" and see if it speeds up the Hotsync process.

    Hope this helps.
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    Originally posted by MPM:
    One of these days I'm going to get adventurous and try turning on "Fast Hotsync" and see if it speeds up the Hotsync process.

    Hope this helps.
    I think the "fast hotsync" only works when you use serial connection. The USB connection is already accelerated when I use Afterburner.
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    I think the Visor already uses zero wait states and fast multiplexing, which accounts for the 158-161% readings people get from Quartus' benchmark. I have had the same thing happen (~97%)when using Afterburner. My guess is that enabling fast multiplexing and zero wait states in Afterburner actually DISABLES these functions on the Visor. Maybe there is an on/off bit, and Afterburner just switches the bit to the opposite of its current setting, which in the case of the Visor, would TURN OFF fast multiplexing and zero wait states. Or I could just be and *****.
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    I forgot to say that I am not using USB for Hotsyncing. I have an old Mac with no USB ports and no PCI slots to add any USB ports. (I'm going to order a new Dual 500MHz G4 PowerMac soon! )


    The Afterburner settings I showed are exactly what the normal Visor sets. What can happen though, is that if you set those settings incorrecly yourself with Afterburner, it overrides the normal Visor settinngs. I remember that Afterburner had none of the options checked when I first loaded it. This can then cause a 97% benchmark. Sometimes I have noticed that even if the settings are all set correctly, if you hit the "Norm" button, Afterburner clears ALL the settings back to what it thinks are the correct default settings - which gives you the 97% reading. It will still leave the check boxes marked. Very confusing.

    I saw this behaviour in an older version of Afterburner, so it might have been fixed in the newer versions.
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    The author alludes to the fact that you may not revert back to the original settings when you disable Afterburner (in the online info screen and in the readme file).

    However, no mention that tapping "Norm" will underclock your Visor, though (perhaps, this should be brought to the author's attention...yes?)

    The solution to that (tapping "Norm" and now you're getting 97% instead of the Visor's 158%) is to disable the hack and perform a soft reset (HackMaster makes this easy for you-- just tap the "Reset!").

    Not exactly a preferred method but it should get your Visor back to "normal" speeds :-). Oh, don't forget to periodically run dbScan to clean up those shortcuts pre-3.3 OS creates after each soft reset.

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    I'm running After burner 3.0h on my VDX and am using evplugbase (freeware) to handle my 9 hacks I have running. I'm ashamed to say that I'm getting 275% on afterburner reports with
    0-ws Core checked
    Fast Mpx checked
    Fast Page checked
    Adjust ticks checked
    default=28 mhz
    I have no problems as of yet (I've not tried beaming), but USB syncing works fine. Batteries (alk. rechargables) last about the same (30 hours +-). Is this reporting correctly? I unchecked afterburner and soft reset and got the 158% report, I then unchecked all hacks and got the same 158%. Then rechecked only afterburner and got 275% again. Is this good? What's is the downside of afterburner?
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    All you said are normal except that you got the same battery life.
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    I got 275% too but now I see my screen streak!


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