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    I am curious if there is an inherant problem with this car kit? A co-worker purchased it and was extremely unhappy and returned it. It was so echo-y, he could not be understood hardly at all.

    Is there some upgrade patch that is neededto be performed when you first install/setup? It seems that there is a good majority of people using this system, that it has to work well. It sure is a lot cheaper than the other car kit, and has a stereo output jack as well.

    Any advice is very much appreciated, as I am thinking of getting the TomTom GPS system as well.

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    After reading up some, I see some reasons for the echo that was heard. A couple of causes are possible. I am really wanting to get the GPS antenna and purchase TomTom seperately. It looks like a great combination.

    I drive a lot, sometimes not knowing the area I am going to. And do quite a bit of calling as well. How well does this setup work together? I understand it will kick me out of a mapping quest if I receive a call, correct? Does it go back and start up well when the call is done easily?

    Thanks again...


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