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    Hi folks,

    I've only had my first Treo a week, so this may be nothing new, but I thought I'd share a simple method I'm using for transferring iTunes playlists to a memory card using a card reader on Windows. I have a fairly large (30 gig) mp3 collection, and wanted to be able to easily swap out the songs on my card from time to time using existing iTunes playlists.

    I initially thought I'd write a small program to do this, and I still might, but this manual approach only takes a minute or so. Note: This assumes all your music is stored in the same single directory tree, tweak as needed.

    1) 1n iTunes, pull up the playlist you want to transfer, and go to file > export song list. This will create a tab delimited file which can be quickly converted to a batch file to copy all the songs to your memory card.

    2) Open the file in a spreadsheet app such as Excel (or a fancy text editor, if you prefer), and delete all columns except the 'Location' column.

    3) Delete the 'Location' column label.

    4) The first few characters of each record will have the drive letter, e.g. 'F:\'. Do a search/replace for this, replacing it with 'copy "F:\' (replacing 'F:\' with your drive letter, of course).

    5) Do one more search replace, replacing '.mp3' with '.mp3" H:\AUDIO' (replace 'H:\AUDIO' with the drive letter for your memory card and the directory on the card you want the songs transferred to). Note: If you use ogg or other formats, do the same for those. Also, if your editor supports more advanced search/replaces, you can instead do something like replace '\n' with '"\n' to get all file types on one swoop.

    6) Almost done. Just save the file with a .bat extension, e.g. 'copytunes.bat'.

    7) Finally, run the batch file you just created. Sit back and relax while all files are copied to your memory card.

    hope someone finds this useful. I am totally digging my 650, btw
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