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    Quote Originally Posted by jejagua
    Will someone please create a poll so we can all vote and show our support for Shadowmite? That way we can separate the morons from the appreciative folks.

    "Never argue with an *****, for he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
    Can't you create a poll yourself? Not flamin, just if it is important enough to you to mention then...KWIM?
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    u don't have to step on the gas like that!
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    Yes Shadowmite is an asset to the Treo, and has every right to get upset. Just sit back and let the man do what he loves, and share it with us. Good Luck Mr. Shadowmite.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyparanoid
    Can't you create a poll yourself? Not flamin, just if it is important enough to you to mention then...KWIM?

    OK, I'll do it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyparanoid
    Can't you create a poll yourself? Not flamin, just if it is important enough to you to mention then...KWIM?
    Sorry, I'm at work. I've never posted a poll and I haven't a clue how to do it. I'm sure it isn't difficult, but I was hoping someone has the time to create a good one and do it justice.
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    Wow, this is unfortunate. I read over the other thread and I didnt see the big deal about Treominators comments, just that he had an opposing opinion on the ease of use of the DUN hack, which last time I checked isnt a crime. I'm a huge Shadowmite fan, so hopefully he will be back. I think he's just under a lot of pressure and needs some time. Everyone has a lot of expectations from him now and its probably turning what he loves to do into more of a chore. I have faith in him tho, so hopefully he will bounce back after some time away. Good luck Shadow and thanks for all you have done!!!
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    Guys, he's not freakin going anywhere. He's just sick of some of the whiners here, but he'll continue to post his work on his website but not hang around here anymore. Not a big deal. Seeing how some people are around here anyway, I don't blame him for ditching the forum.
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    From Shadow's forums...

    I have no problem helping out, what I had a problem with it that guy insulting my patch, then edited his post to hide what he originally said. Now it looks like I got upset for no reason, but believe me, there was reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjosh
    From Shadow's forums...
    Moderators, if you happen to stumble on by this thread, please feel free to change the original post to the first posted format.
    I have detailed files.
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    With all due respect to everybody involved here.....

    EVEN IF Treomin-Ahnuld said something like, "Shadowmite is a (fill in the blank...I'm not gonna be accused of posting something bad!)", should that have been enough to drive him off the board? This is the Internet, folks, the new Frontier, and someone might just possibly inadvertently or even deliberately say something bad about somebody else. Not worth getting that upset about it.

    But in everybody's rush to terminate the Terminator, I mean Treomin-Ahnuld, you keep forgetting something important that I keep saying over and over and over and over....... The REAL culprit here is PalmOne.... if they had done the job right, we wouldn't need the help of a guru like shadowmite, would we? Why isn't anybody yelling at THEM????????
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    I'm pretty sure people are yelling at them, actually I'm pretty sure like half the topics here are flaming them!
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    How did the car mount work out for you? Do you like it?
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    We Love Shadowmite!!!!!
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    Shadowmite has been a GREAT ASSET to this community, and we look forward to his hopeful return.
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    JetJockeyJ are you THE AUDI MAN from AZ?? if yes, you rock!
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