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    If you are an ereader fan as I am, then Megalauncher is a great, ez to use app for moving your books and app to SD card (I know a lot of people like zlauncher but I am not a fan of the interface, sorry). I used to use PowerRun but I found it a bit slow and it often times lost my spot in ereader. Megalauncher is a much faster launch and has kept my spot every time, and I am in and out of ereader all the time (feeding the little dude a bottle is much faster with a good book, hehe).

    Any, just my 2 cents, I don't expect change .
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    does mega move the associated databases as well?
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    not that I'm aware of...

    But, eReader has the ability to keep your ebooks on SD, so I'm not sure exactly what advantage was initially being discussed by Mark.

    Personally, I keep all my ebooks on SD. I keep eReader itself on SD also. I use ML (althought most any launcher now adays supports launching apps from the SD card) to run eReader. eReader also has built in ability to move ebooks to and from a storage card. So, unless I'm not understanding something here, Mark, I think you are "overthinking" your discovered usefulness...Perhaps?

    (BTW: Yes, eReader keeps auxillary files in main memory that track bookmarks, etc., but they are hidden from browsers and so small in size that keeping them in main memory is not generally an issue)

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