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    Fickr does indeed look pretty interesting. Looks like you upload with email, and i do like splashblog upload interface...but definitely an option. RSS is pretty interesting too.
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    SplashBlog 1.02 available:

    New capabilities:

    * A number of features have been added, to assist in managing the number of
    entries, photos, and most importantly, the space used by a blog on your
    * You can now delete photos on your handheld after they have been uploaded
    to the web. (Note: Be sure you're uploading the full-size photo - check
    your Blog Prefs)
    * You can choose to keep a specified number of most-recent entries for a
    blog on your device. Great for adding your friend's blog and only showing
    the most recent 10 entries (as an example).
    * There is now an auto-delete preference which will delete a photo on your
    handheld when the entry for the photo has been deleted on the web. This
    same preference works with the "limit handheld entries" feature to
    automatically delete photos for entries that have been replaced by newer
    * There is now a Delete Entries capability for deleting all the entries in
    your current view, along with the option to delete the photo for the
    entries on the device. (Previously, you could only delete an individual

    A new Purge Photo feature allows you to delete the photo on your handheld
    for an entry. This keeps the entry in the blog and on the web, also keeps
    the photo on the web (if it has been uploaded previously), and allows you
    to free up space by deleting previously-downloaded photos for blog entries.
    (The Download button, in Edit view, allows you to re-download the photo, if
    you want to bring it back down.)
    Issues addressed:

    * Thumbnails no longer stretched in Fit/Fill mode.
    * Download progress reporting is now more accurate.
    * Synchronization speed has been improved.
    * An issue with special characters has been resolved in captions.
    * Fixed a timeout issue that happened when uploading large photos via the
    web admin.
    * Entry Title is now displayed on mouseover of a thumbnail, on the website.
    (appears in IE browser)
    * Better support for changing the category of a photo in a TypePad photo
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    I'm at Memecule
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    Hey folks, just started a new one. Tell me what you's my Beer Blog.
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

    My beer blogs:

    Rev. Rhino on Flickr

    Rev. Rhino on Twitter
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    Here is my Splashblog:

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    Just posted a bunch of pics from my business trip to Seattle.

    All pictures were taken with a Treo 650, but were uploaded on a PC.
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